Arnold Investments in Berlin: Vast experience and local know-how paired with an excellent portfolio


In Austria, Arnold Investments is already one of the leading investment agencies in the real estate sector. For many years, the experts have specialised in the marketing of apartment buildings, residential estates and commercial properties. Arnold Investments is now also based in Berlin and fully set on the road to further success.

The Austrian property giant Arnold Investments started business in 2009 and, since then, has established itself firmly at the top of the real estate industry. With additional branches in Prague, Budapest and Bratislava, Arnold Investments is well-known beyond the Austrian borders, but it has not been represented in Germany – yet.

This summer, the company took the next logical step and opened offices in Berlin, led by German managing director Jochen Maurer. “In the past, investing in properties used to be a local task tied to the investor’s base,” Maurer explains. “In recent years, however, there is a trend towards an increasing international spread regarding the asset class of properties.”

That is where Arnold Investments and its international approach comes in particularly handy. It offers the advantages of a local investment agency merged with those of an internationally active business, including a solid network. The local subsidiary companies are the experts of their respective markets but also transfer their specific knowledge and investment opportunities into the entire company.

“Aside from excellent market knowledge and the undeniable advantages of an international company, it is the corporate philosophy defined by founder Markus Arnold, which has made this business as successful as it is today,” Maurer adds. “A clear focus on customers, a calm and reasoned manner, and, in particular, the discretion on all levels, makes the company an attractive business partner for our clients and ensures that our employees can take care of the only goal set in stone: our customers’ satisfaction.”

Commitment to their clients paired with a clear focus and specialisation can be seen as the pillars of Arnold Investments – regardless if you contact them in Vienna, Berlin or Prague. Thanks to the international in-house network, cross-country portfolios of properties can be put together according to a client’s individual requirements. The client base is as varied as the different types of property investments and only the acquisition price can turn out to be a selective factor at Arnold Investments. To truly understand their clients’ different goals regarding real-estate transactions is the daily mission for the investment brokers.

The client base at Arnold Investments is wide ranging, from wealthy private customers, private foundations and companies to property and project developers, as well as public authorities and family offices.

“Our trust-based and discrete work is particularly appreciated by individuals and companies who are not interested in their properties being offered publicly or in their names and the volume being advertised,” Maurer says. “We know that clients value this kind of discretion and reliability very highly due to the many positive responses of big clients in Berlin.”

As Maurer points out, the job of an investment agent demands a high level of empathy and sensitivity – if done right. Paying attention to the current market trends, ongoing consulting services for existing clients and expanding the professional network are driving factors for being successful. For Maurer, as the managing director of the new Berlin-based division, similar values apply. He pays attention not only to his employees’ daily activities but also to their personal growth, professional development and how to nurture it. It goes without saying that a team that is appreciated and cared for by the company’s executives, passes this notion on to the clients.

The fact that Maurer and his team are on the right track is evident in their success. Since starting business in Berlin only a few months ago, the team at Arnold Investments has already secured clients for a vast number of projects with a combined property value of roughly 400 million euros. Thanks to their involvement, a particularly large piece of real estate, just under 20 million euros in value, has successfully changed owners already. This is not only generally impressive but especially when considering that founding the German subsidiary does not happen overnight and includes tedious tasks, overcoming constructional and regulatory obstacles, as well as finding the perfect employees.

Today, the Berlin company is completely up and running. As mentioned before, knowing the current real estate trends is absolutely key at Arnold Investments. “At the moment, we notice a continually strong demand for property in top locations such as Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, despite the high prices,” says Maurer. “Residential buildings in Berlin, particularly in the suburban areas Pankow, Köpenik and Zehlendorf, are very popular. Equally in demand amongst investors, are properties in medium-sized cities in Germany, such as Leipzig, Hanover or Nuremberg.”

Unfortunately, there is no one piece of advice applicable to all property investments but, as Maurer highlights, there are certain areas one should pay attention to. This includes the tenant structure and the tenant sustainability but also the structural engineering, the material, the infrastructure and the public transport links of a property.

“If an investor has the financial means to invest in property, he has to answer the following question first: ‘Which goal am I setting for myself with this investment?’ This incredibly individually defined goal influences any future decision,” Maurer explains. “Some goals rule out different properties, other goals automatically define the country, the region, the city, the size or type of property.”

He continues: “With the current market conditions, an investor who places great importance on stable earnings and value retention is better suited for residential properties in top locations than for a retail park in a rural area. An investor who focuses on the rate of return will currently look more towards project development or to opportunities in medium-sized German cities.”

It is crystal clear why an individual approach is required for any property investment and why some jewels are not measured in carat but in square metres. In times where nothing seems stable, real estate has proven to be the solid answer. To have a reliable and experienced partner in this field is not just handy, but simply a necessity. Arnold investments shows how well the relationship between an estate agent and an investor can work and how invaluable that mutual trust is in the market.

The team around Jochen Maurer in Berlin works in a focused manner – much like their Austrian colleagues, they do not make a fuss but quietly secure big deals on a daily basis. This calm attitude paired with their in-depth market knowledge sets them miles apart from other agencies and will have them established in their new home in no time.

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