Love architecture? Then we have found five must-follow Instagram accounts for you that will provide your feed with beautiful architectural photography that has an eye for light, shapes, colours and perspectives. Get #inspired!

1. Women Architectural Photogs (@ women_arch_photographers)
For a mix of stylish, contemporary photographs with an eye for light and colour compositions, follow this Instagram account that introduces female architecture photographers from all over the world.

2. Zooey Braun (@ zooey.braun)
As a professional photographer, Braunschweig-born Zooey Braun knows what a beautiful image has to entail. The architectural photographer’s work has won many prestigious awards and his Instagram account shows how beautiful modern architectural structures can really be.

3. Matthias Haker (@ matthias_haker)
This Berlin-based photographer combines his love for art and architecture in his creations. He loves to showcase the relationship between colour and space of abandoned buildings and encroaching nature.

4. Candida Höfer (@ candidahoefer_official)
One of the most famous German photographers, Candida Höfer is known for her beautiful images of empty interiors. Focusing on cultural and institutional spaces such as libraries and opera houses, her approach to architecture photography is a special one.

5. Sebastian Weiss (@ le_blanc)
If you like the idea of close up, abstract style architecture photography, German photographer Sebastian Weiss has the feed for you. Expect sharp lines, fluid forms and exceptionally artful photos.

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