Best known for her roles in Die Wilden Hühner, Fack Ju Göhte, Der Lehrer or Gladbeck, actress Zsá Zsá Inci Bürkle speaks to Discover Germany about her latest work, reveals how she got started as an actress and much more.

How did you become an actress? Is it your dream profession or did you ever have other career aspirations?

Z. Z. I. Bürkle: I actually always wanted to do something with performing: acting, singing and playing instruments have always been my big passions and my dream job.

Doctor’s Diary, Soko Potsdam, Die Wilden Hühner, Beck is back, Fack Ju Göhte and Der Lehrer – you have already been seen in many films and series. Which shoot sticks with you the most and why?

Z. Z. I. Bürkle: Oh, that’s a really hard question! Each production was so unique and special. I connect certain periods and great moments of my life, like birthdays, crazy stunts or especially challenging scenes that I had to play with my life on set. I don’t think I will ever forget the three years of Wilde Hühner as a child because I had my first real film experiences there, which have accompanied me through my childhood.

You play the main character Silke Bischoff in the two-parter Gladbeck which is about the hostage drama of 1988. How was it for you, getting to grips with this unbelievable role?

Z. Z. I. Bürkle: It was a major challenge which required a great deal of care. I approached the character work with utmost respect. It was great that we had more preparation time for this project than I’m usually used to. I had enough time to sit down with our director Kilian Riedhof to speak about the role. In my eyes, the entire collaboration between actors, production and camera-crew was truly unique throughout filming Gladbeck.

In February, we saw you in the historic ZDF two-parter Walpurgisnacht. What makes this project so attractive to viewers?

Z. Z. I. Bürkle: Walpurgisnacht portrays an incredibly exciting witch-hunt. The film is full of thrilling stories, complicated relationships, unexplained questions and surprising twists.

How do you choose your roles? What do you look for in a role?
Z. Z. I. Bürkle: I try to ensure that my roles have three-dimensional, complex personalities which could also exist outside the script. My preferences for types of characters which I would love to play is constantly changing – I would love to play everything at least once!

You have spent your first years of life in Germany, then you moved to London for two years, then to Los Angeles and today you live in Berlin. What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Z. Z. I. Bürkle: Home is – regardless of how cheesy this might sound now – simply where my family and friends are. But as I grew up in Berlin, I connect a lot with this city where I still live today. When I haven’t been in Berlin for a while, coming back really feels like coming home.

Why is Berlin your chosen home? What’s so special about this city? Would you ever move away?
Z. Z. I. Bürkle: I grew up in Berlin and will always connect the majority of my childhood and youth with this city. Berlin is full of surprises and adventures. Even now, I still find new corners for me to explore. I love that! The city is huge and always changing – I love that there are things to do 24 hours a day and that you can also completely remove yourself if you need a break. But I could also imagine living in many other cities of the world as well!

How do you relax after exhausting days of shooting?
Z. Z. I. Bürkle: Spotify and bathtub.

What can we look forward to from you in 2019? Any great projects planned?
Z. Z. I. Bürkle: Of course! The first one you can watch is Walpurgisnacht, it can still be seen in the ZDF’s media library. And you can look forward to new episodes of the RTL series Der Lehrer. On top of that, new projects are planned but are still in development so I can’t reveal more about them sadly.

You have already experienced and achieved a lot at a young age. What other wishes and dreams do you still have?
Z. Z. I. Bürkle: A lot: I’d love to travel more, shoot many more films and maybe be a dubbing artist for an animated movie. And at some point, I want to stand on stage and sing my own songs too.

Which tips do you have for young aspiring actors?
Z. Z. I. Bürkle: Always believe in yourself! Try and retain your curiosity and love for this profession, while doing your best to stay on top of things.


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