More than just a bag


Women need many handbags – this is an indisputable fact. That is why the three founders of ZOÉ LU have come up with an innovative and playful solution for women and their significant others: a suitable bag for every look through stylish, interchangeable flaps.

One bag – many looks. That is now possible with ZOÉ LU. Revolutionising the bag market with a simple, yet effective idea, ZOÉ LU bags have many advantages to them. Customers only need purchase one bag body and can then add many different flaps to suit every outfit. Larissa Walter, one of the three founders, elaborates: “Our bag flaps are interchangeable and we constantly bring new flap models onto the market. After all, us women need at least 100 bags to our name.” “Nobody has to wait long for the new collection as we design new flaps every six weeks,” adds Ulrike Heintz, co-founder of ZOÉ LU.

The ZOÉ LU principle

The advantages of a ZOÉ LU bag are manifold. For instance, the bag can be easily and quickly adapted to any outfit. This also means that women do not have to repack their bags all the time. Furthermore, the bags save lots of space while travelling: the interchangeable flaps are easily packed into one’s luggage and women always have the suitable bag for each outfit on hand. Other benefits are that the bags are sustainable and timeless due to their classic shape and high-quality leather. As well as this, an interchangeable flap is comparably much cheaper than an entirely new leather bag. And last but not least, your home can also be tidy with ZOÉ LU: the smart flap hanger ‘Flap storage’ lets you stow away the different flaps neatly in your wardrobe. Jennifer Rüggeberg, the third ZOÉ LU founder, concludes: “Men also love our concept: when their women have a ZOÉ LU, finding gifts becomes easy – a new flap for every occasion poses as the perfect present without having to rack one’s brain too much.”

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