The Seufert family and their team welcome guests to the Zehntkeller, which was first officially documented in the 15th century. Here, where the exciting history of the place comes to life, visitors can enjoy warm hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere.

“The atmosphere here is relaxed and very informal. For many of our guests, the Zehntkeller is like coming home. A wonderful compliment, as it shows that our guests really feel at ease here,” says owner Gabriele Seufert.

Zehntkeller Iphofen: Where history meets authentic hospitality

The Zehntkeller is a hotel, a winery, a place of exquisite cuisine and unforgettable events. A place that acknowledges its traditional roots while actively embracing the future.

For the Seufert family, it is the perfect symbiosis of comfort and pleasure. “Ever since the family took over the Zehntkeller almost 100 years ago, the winery and the restaurant have been closely linked,” says co-director Klara Zehnder. “The hotel complements these two pillars perfectly: for us, a good meal is accompanied by a good glass of wine, because it takes the culinary experience to a new level. And thanks to the hotel, guests can always have that one last glass of delicious wine.

Incidentally, it was our wine that inspired Kurt Tucholsky to remark ‘It’s a pity you can’t caress wine’ here on our premises,” adds Seufert.

Zehntkeller Iphofen: Where history meets authentic hospitality

The rooms of the Hotel Zehntkeller are furnished in classic Franconian style, with lovingly decorated details exuding French elegance, inviting guests to relax. So, while everything is prepared for a good night’s sleep, the restaurant at the Zehntkeller, known far beyond the borders of Franconia for its first-class cuisine, offers delicious treats. “Our cuisine is regional, natural, authentic and creative. We attach great importance to classic Franconian dishes, which we like to refine with modern accents,” says Zehnder. “The wood-panelled walls of our restaurant could tell many an exciting story,” smiles the owner, as famous personalities such as football legend and vice world champion of 1966 Uwe Seeler, singer-songwriter Reinhard Mey and celebrity chef Paul Bocuse have been enchanted by the Zehntkeller and its cuisine.

The restaurant’s own vineyard provides the wines that complement its dishes. “Our wine style matches our food. It’s modern and clean. Depending on the variety, it can be fresh and crisp, full-bodied and smooth, or big and full of character. Our range is complemented by sparkling wine, which we make in our own factory using the well-known Champagne method,” explains Zehnder. “It too has become a favourite with our guests.”

Zehntkeller Iphofen: Where history meets authentic hospitality

The hosts: Owner Gabriele Seufert (left) and her niece and co-director, Klara Zehnder.


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