YANA NESPER is a well-known German jewellery brand, which never ceases to inspire its many customers and fans. The designer’s newest coup is the SMART PEARL. This innovative piece of jewellery contains a small NFC-chip that can store treasured memories such as photos, videos and messages – all captured in a stunning pearl. 

Moscow-born designer Yana Nesper grew up in the Ukraine as the daughter of academics. Very early on, she developed a sense for the beautiful things in life and learned from her elegant mother how to combine clothes and jewels. Spending her youth on the shores of the Black Sea, Yana Nesper always had an interest in fashion, music, art and travel.

When she met her future husband Frank Nesper, who ran the leading German family pearl importing business Heinz Nesper GmbH, it was a match made in heaven – on many levels. He was one of the first Europeans who had the chance to join a pearl farm in Japan and built his expertise accordingly.

“The very first present I received from my husband 25 years ago was a pearl with a heart spot. It was very romantic,” Yana Nesper remembers with a smile. “This Akoya pearl had a natural ‘defect’ in the shape of a heart. It was just magnificent and extremely rare!”

Frank’s passion for the precious cultured pearls complemented her sense for design and Yana Nesper started creating pieces for their customers.

Yana Nesper

Yana Nesper.

A new label is born

In 2010, she started her own line under her name, YANA NESPER. “It is very personal and authentic,” she says about her collection. “These are the jewels made for me and my friends, they reflect exactly my style: clean, cool and precious.”

The timeless pieces are made of cultured pearls of only the finest quality and the finishing also follows strict quality standards.

Nesper adds: “I am in a very lucky position where I’m able to select the best pearls from the large volumes bought by my husband. He spends a significant part of the year in Asia sourcing the most beautiful pearls. Once a year, I accompany him, form my own opinions of the market and get new inspiration each time.”

It’s very easy to recognise jewellery made by YANA NESPER. In each piece, you will find a small blue sapphire, which is incorporated manually into a single pearl. This little blue sapphire framed in 750/ – yellow or white gold is not only a trademark, but also the guarantee of the highest quality, as with all YANA NESPER collections.

YANA NESPER: Beautiful pearls incorporating innovative technology

Inspired by the pearls themselves

The style featured across the collections is generally classy and elegant, but equally young and stylish. Yana Nesper purposefully tries to merge elegance with coolness and always succeeds in creating a completely new design out of these two seemingly opposite styles. She is keen to change the general image of pearl jewellery, moving away from the common conservative association.

“My inspiration comes from different sources,” explains the mother of two. “Firstly, there are the pearls by themselves. Luckily, we have a vibrant variety of colours, shapes and sizes available. I love combining different types of pearls with each other and with white, yellow, rosé or black gold. Many of the designs also contain diamonds. The round shape of the pearls usually forms the base of the harmonic and feminine shapes of the jewellery. Secondly, I’m a big fashion victim. I also love collaborating with fashion designers. For Berlin Fashion Week 2018, I worked with designer Irene Luft, and it was a great success.”

YANA NESPER: Beautiful pearls incorporating innovative technology

YANA NESPER goes digital

The latest addition to the jewellery range by YANA NESPER is the so-called SMART PEARLS. Here, the designer shows that pearls are indeed anything but conservative. In fact, these new pieces are truly innovative; in order to keep our most beloved memories with us at all times, the new ring and bracelet collection features pearls containing a small NFC chip.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is an international transmission standard for the contactless exchange of data. In daily life, NFC technology is currently used when it comes to cashless payments, e-tickets or online banking. The chip in the pearl connects to an app, and you can easily upload a large number of images, videos or messages ‘into your pearl’ and then access them through the same app.

Bringing sophisticated jewellery and future-orientated technology together perfectly reflects our current Zeitgeist and results in a very personal and precious way to store treasured moments – or perhaps to deliver a particularly romantic message.


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