Promising large capacities within a small space, the Xi Rack wine systems allow perfect storage conditions for all types of bottles, with 360-degree wine competence’ from vintner to connoisseur.

All wine enthusiasts have been there: bottles stocked in piles on shelves or in coolers, their labels hidden. Even in organised cellars, sometimes an array of bottle bottoms and corks is all you see, making the right timing or even finding the right bottle difficult, if not impossible.

Here, the unique design of Xi Rack systems comes in. The optimal angle and the full visibility of the labels allow a quick find at first glance and the wine can be poured almost immediately.

Be it for a private home or restaurant selections, the simple but effective crossed-bottlenecks design of the modular systems provides the best storage conditions and pleasing aesthetics on top. The labels are fully visible and the bottles rest at an optimal tilt, which allows the cork to stay moist and leaves the depot resting in the angle of the bottle base. This way you or your guests may enjoy your wine immediately, without having to wait for the sediments to settle. Decanting becomes as easy as pie.

There is also a cooling version of the Xi Rack: the ‘Xi Cool’ wine fridge. Extremely high performing and designed as a modular system, these cabinets are equally powerful for both individual purposes and the gastronomical sector. In the restaurant this “silent vendor” displays the entire wine menu at a glance. Xi Cool is the only cooler on the market that allows proper flat and space-saving storage for double magnum bottles up to five litres. The internationally patented interior as well as the dimmable LED lighting set the right stage for the presentation of your wine selection.

A modular system allows growing with your needs, from small wine selections to representative shop interiors, or for those who envision a large selection without actually having sufficient space. 208 bottles from 16 types of wine can be comfortably stored in one single unit. The system is easily expandable and grows with the stock. Due to the versatile accessories, wine cases or larger bottles, as well as rare specialties, will find their optimal spot.
Flexible, individual and expandable, the racks are made of galvanised, powder-coated massive steel, suitable even for moist cellars. Built in a few simple steps with no tools needed, the racks even feature height-adjustable feet to match uneven floors.

A family enterprise rooted deeply in their home area of Western Austria, the COVINI-GmbH have patented their innovative design and founded Xi Wine Systems in 2010. The name stems from the family name ‘Collini’ and the word ‘Vino’. Ever since, the product line was increased and the flexible, top-notch design for all sizes today finds a warm welcome both on the national and international level. After a promising start on the market, the following year marked the creations of the individual pullout sizes ‘Cuvée’, ‘Doppelmagnum’, ‘Gusto’, ‘Stock’ and ‘Select’. Following the motto “only move the wine you will drink”, these elements allow extracting a single bottle from the rack without moving the others. By the end of 2011, the cooling system Xi Cool was developed copying the exact measures of the Xi Rack. Thus all pullout and resting elements are compatible with each system.

The development of the Xi Shop System followed quickly on receiving the patent rights, parallel to the Xi Rack design development. The special characteristic of the Xi Shop System is the fact that the bottle holders can be clipped into almost any sales rack on the market. The same system became the base for the Xi Grand. That way, 2010 marked the “year of birth” for the first ever system to incorporate storage facilities for bottles of all sizes, from piccolo to a 30-litre Melchizedek.

A new invention for 2016/2017 is already being planned: the ‘Xi Counter’ or ‘vintner’s counter’, the Xi Rack at bar table level.

The idea of storing wine with crossed bottlenecks was the start. Multiplied through variety, this groundbreaking idea quickly became ‘X’ separate ideas for racks, shop interiors and coolers, all adaptable and combinable with each other. Thus, one principle lead to multiple ideas for presentation and storage. The love for a good wine, combined with the technical skills of an expert, have merged an ingenious and sophisticated design.

Winemakers, wine lovers, traders and restaurant owners alike find their individual needs being met, with or without cooling. Connoisseurs themselves, the Collini family are committed to optimising the experience of enjoying wine, in presenting the best solutions possible. As Lothar Collini says: “The true connoisseur is acknowledged by the way the wine gets treated. Xi Wine Systems are the right partner for that.”

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