Wellness trends of autumn/winter 2019

Wellness trends change rapidly from year to year. So, what can we look forward to this over the coming months? We have handpicked the top wellness and spa trends that you should definitely try.

More and more people are caring for their general well-being and implementing wellness and spa routines into their everyday lives – and for good reason, too. After all, you will unquestionably lead a healthier and more balanced life if you do. Let’s take a look at some core wellness trends of the next few months, to get you inspired.

1. Sound wellness

To calm your mind and for deep relaxation, you should definitely try a sound bath or sound therapy. Experts say that this omnipresent wellness trend is said to decrease stress response and will help with “deep mental and physical relaxation”, according to psychiatry professional Dr. Helen Lavretsky. Originally a tradition from Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures, sound therapy can now be found in many yoga sessions, spa treatments and healing workshops.

2. Use fragrance in a slightly different way

The sense of smell is having a renaissance at the moment. How? Well, a new understanding of scent’s crucial role in our physical and emotional wellbeing is transforming how we think about wellness. In short: studies have shown that scent is a powerful tool to foster well-being and to feel happier. We therefore suggest stocking up on candles, aromas and oils for your home.

3. Resurgence of crystals

Google searches for crystal healing have gone up 40 per cent over the last four years. Interesting statistic, right? This shows that more and more people are coming around to the idea of incorporating crystals into their wellness and spa routines. Even skincare brands like Elemis and Aveda have introduced gemstone-infused products into their ranges.

4. Slowing down

Meditation, and slowing down in general, is becoming increasingly popular – especially for those living in large and busy cities. Clearing the mind with meditation is said to reduce stress and insomnia, for example. For the ultimate relaxing wellness experience, we have handpicked some great wellness hotels and much more on the following pages.

5. Wellness technology

As technology is creeping into every area of our lives, it seems no wonder that it has started to influence the wellness sector, too. Gyms and spas are starting to introduce innovative technology-based treatments and workouts. One example is the London-based gym Equinox, which now has treadmills with oxygenated air which make you train harder.

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