The work and success of Doris and Leopold Sutter is closely related to the natural management of their vineyards and the wines’ careful maturing process. Their wine is characterised by careful pruning, controlled foliage, preservation of the vines, water-saving soil treatment and gentle manual work. The assortment of Doris and Leopold Sutter is characterised above all by their Veltliner variety: Grüner Veltliner, Roter Veltliner and Frühroter Veltliner. All Veltliner grapes are grown and harvested from lime-rich soils, making the wines rich in minerals and its taste mature. The traditional Roter Veltliner with its fine spicy bouquet is rare in Austria, and the Sutter vineyard plays an important role in cultivating it. The Frühroter Veltliner is recognisable by its young, vibrant aroma, which is reminiscent of subtle honey and flowers. The classic Grüner Veltliner is available in five different styles.



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