Lightened up: Erzgebirge tradition meets contemporary design


The Saxon-based light design company Günter Gläser Leuchtenherstellung e. K. takes traditional craft straight into the here and now with its weigla® brand.

To many of us, Erzgebirge motifs are connected with comfort, home and cosy Christmas settings, instantly putting a smile on our faces. The traditional motif arches, candle holders and figurines represent the renowned woodcraft of the Ore Mountains and serve as true mood enhancers for admirers across the world.

For the 2002 founded Günter Gläser light design company, things evolved rapidly when the firm introduced its own weigla® brand five years ago. Particularly their version of the Erzgebirge ‘Schwibbogen’ arches have successfully conquered the design market by combining tradition with the latest in light technology. The overhauled design features a dynamic, asymmetrical form for the LED-lit arches, and the combination of wood and Plexiglas® with traditional Erzgebirge motifs make for real eye-catchers. Both the modern and the traditional weigla® items are well liked and the brand enjoys many returning customers who value the high quality and individuality of the products.

Due to their innovative approach and traditional awareness, the team at weigla® also frequently receive special customer requests, which they are happy to meet. Popular on-demand items are, for example, traditional arches with particular town motifs or cityscapes.

While each year brings something new, well-loved traditional objects like window images and tealight holders round up the permanent selection on offer at weigla®. All items are continuously available to Erzgebirge fans in specialist stores, at major mail-order companies and, of course, online. From ‘Schwibbogen’ through to romantically lit decorative Christmas items, weigla® customers can find just the right piece for them all year round.

Situated right at the heart of the Erzgebirge region, the company team enjoys introducing visitors to their complete selection at the on-site outlet store in Deutschneudorf. For small groups, guided tours of the production site can also easily be arranged. Or from further afield, you can always follow new ideas and improvements at weigla® on Facebook, or browse their website for the next inspiring birthday or Christmas gift. It is always nice to share the smile!


Facebook: weigla.leuchten

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