Almost every business, at any level, tries to reach customers in one way or another. With WAPP, it’s not the same challenge it once was. Imagine, being able to create new channels to inform them about discounts or special events, for example. Whether in the retail sector or as a service provider, an app can help to attract more customers. And this is only the beginning: imagine an app that will send out push notifications to a customer when they are passing by your store. An entire new world of selling opens up. 

Focusing on the core competencies of software development, the young team at WAPP integrates the hardware of different branches as well as IT-systems to create full-scope solutions. Existing systems can be integrated to allow a smooth transition from the browser to your new app. Customers can benefit from your services when being offline and you will be able to reach them through push notifications, voice control, siri and augmented reality – the list is long. Also part of the broad range of services, is quality analysis, documentation, time recording and fleet management. Processes will be quicker, and this enables you to react more flexibly to customers’ needs.

Malte Burkert, CEO and founder of WAPP, recalls: “Mirco and me started as a two-man company while studying. We worked on small projects for family and friends. When we started our first job, the offers became more extensive and we had to make a decision: to give up or to expand. Long story short: we decided to buidt up WAPP and, after one year, we were a team of seven developers.”

WAPP: Mobile solutions to master digitalisation, Discover Germany Magazine

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