Movement is healthy, makes us more creative and, intellectually, more powerful.

“Although from an evolutionary perspective, humans depend upon continuing movement, most of us spend the majority of our time sitting. Our Walkolution Work and Walk-series is a novel treadmill desk system that helps to overcome this shortcoming,” explains senior medical doctor and Walkolotion’s co-founder, Dr. Eric Söhngen.

Walkolution’s functionalities are based on the results of the latest neuroscientific and medical studies. “Our appliances optimally answer to the needs of the modern employees’ demands for healthy workplaces and have some unique advantages. They work noiselessly, as they don’t need a motor, and work by body weight and gravity alone. One of our models even generates electricity! This also means that the user adopts his or her walking speed intuitively. Plus, the treadmills are entirely maintenance-free and have an unbeatable ecobalance, as they are mainly made of wood,” lists Dr. Söhngen, who, just recently, has published his latest book, Death by Sitting, on the topic.

The revolutionary Walkolution-system can currently be tested in showrooms in Zurich, Munich or Oslo, or ordered for a trial period on a company’s premises.

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