Vineyard K+K Kirnbauer beguiles with rich, fruity premium wines featuring expressive characters, typical for their grape variety. The absolute highlight is their famous red wine ‘Das Phantom’. Produced in the lush homelands of the Blaufränkisch, located in the heart of the Burgenland, Kirnbauer wines truly live up to their excellent Reputation. Vineyard K+K Kirnbauer is a family Business where the passion for wine has been passed on from generation to generation. Overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Burgenland on the eastern border of Austria, it feels like the love for winemaking even lingers in the crisp air. The unique microclimate, the heavy soils and 300 days of sunshine every year, create the perfect environment for viticulture. For centuries, this fertile land has brought prosperity to its people and to ensure that it stays that way, the Kirnbauer Family works hand in hand with nature.



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