Verdandy – the new Austrian fashion label “for that good-looking feeling”


Martin Pichler and Manuel Rauner, two internationally successful models, started their designer career with the new fashion label Verdandy based on an interesting mix of comfortable fashion, Norse mythology, and exclusive European production. Creating the Verdanyms – high quality jeans which feel like joggers and enable comfort & versatility at every occasion.

Verdandy’s collection fills a niche in the market in premium everyday wear, which is both comfortable and versatile to every possible occasion. Whether a formal business meeting, lounging with friends or going to a party, the Verdanyms have proven to be suitable for any professional and personal event in everyday life. Verdanyms are made of the highest quality Jersey denim, containing over 90% cotton which gives traditional denim a soft, natural touch. Due to novel weaving technology, this fabric combines authentic jeans look with comfort as well as unrestricted freedom of movement.

The story

The brand’s name Verdandy refers to Norse mythology and originates from Verðandi, a goddess who spins the thread of human destiny. These unique and colourful threads can be found throughout the label’s collection and characterise one of Verdandy’s typical details. Vocalised, the name of the brand reminds of “wear dandy”, which perfectly describes its distinctive spirit. Just like a dandy, known for simple, confident appearance that doesn’t acknowledge any fashion dictate, but proudly creates its own unique style.

The founders

Martin and Manuel have been models for several years now, together they have worked for some of the world’s biggest brands. Having travelled across the world for castings and assignments, they know the importance of looking presentable in different and fast paced environments, while feeling comfortable at the same time. Another important element of the brand is to adhere to environmental and social aspects, therefore all products are hand made in Europe, which complies with high industry standards. This means that customers can be sure any product purchased from Verdandy is ethically produced.

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