The Swiss gem Bad Zurzach offers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all guests; single travellers, families, and romantic couples. The state-of-the-art wellness amenities, beautiful facilities and comprehensive treatments put guests in a feel good mood in Switzerland’s largest open-air thermal spa.

SPA, or Salus Per Aqua, means ‘health through water’. And for 60 years, Bad Zurzach’s thermal water and spa have been a magnet for wellness and health. Whether you want to unwind, rejuvenate, find balance or indulge in a little pampering, the Swiss town is an oasis of wellness and health that is only 30 to 40 minutes away from the metropolitan Zurich.

A welcoming atmosphere and the many wellness treatments characterise the relaxed and enjoyable ambiance. In 1914, hot spring water was discovered in Bad Zurzach by chance while drilling for salt. Today, guests can relax all year round in Switzerland’s largest open-air thermal spa.


Traditional Swiss thermal water

The healing thermal water bubbles to the surface from the Glauber’s salt spring from a depth of about 430 metres. Four open-air pools with a surface area of 2,000 square metres and temperatures between 32 and 36 degrees provide a truly unique bathing experience. Bubble benches, loungers and roundels, flow pools with refreshing waterfalls and a Kneipp cold water treading pool are as much a part of the sensual pleasure as the professional water aerobics that take place every hour.

Thermal water at 39.9 degrees Celsius gushes to the surface every day from the alkaline Glauber’s salt spring. At Sal Aqua Natura, the new wellness complex opened in autumn 2013, guests re-energise in a natural swimming pool, non-nude saunas, crystal steam bath, a three-story sauna rig and an intensive saltwater pool. The four large outdoor pools feature massage nozzles, a flowing bath, waterfall and neck jets.


Relax in style

The four wellness hotels (ranging from two-star to four-star experiences) at Bad Zurzach feature professional infrastructure, premium personal service and direct underground access to the wellness complex. This means you can walk directly from your room to the spa area! You will also find a varied range of health and wellbeing facilities: classic wellness massages, medical wellness and beauty treatments. All this against a lovely backdrop of rolling hills with countless enticing options for excursions, gentle walks or challenging sports activities. Let your body and mind relax as you savour supreme culinary delights in a serene ambience.

“Bad Zurzach’s spa experience is truly different in that we have a long tradition of being the premier Swiss wellness resort. In the last two years, the entire thermal spa was renovated and updated so that today we have one of the most modern spas,”explains Peter Schläpfer, CEO of Bad Zurzach Tourism.


All year round experience

Some resorts are great to visit in the winter while others thrive in the summer –but Bad Zurzach manages to be a true year-round destination.“In the cold winter months, the thermal spa is especially beautiful. Lights illuminate the pools and guests enjoy the special atmosphere of bathing in natural, hot thermal water,”says Schläpfer. He adds that: “In December the town’s Christmas market transforms Bad Zurzach into a Christmas village.”

In addition to the spa and thermal pools, the spa has a special Papa Moll children pool, an intensive saltwater bath with an underwater sound system, a hot and cold pool, 14 saunas, footbaths and a wide range of massages and gym offers, nutrition counselling, and cosmetic treatments. Enjoy the positive effects of the Bad Zurzacher Glauber salt spring in the rest room, the spacious sunbathing areas, or the natural pool. Pamper yourself with vitamin-rich drinks at the poolside bar!


Enjoy your stay – see the sights!

In addition to pure relaxation and pleasant idleness at the hotel grounds, all guests can embark on sightseeing trips, hikes, wine tours, and bicycle tours.The town’s location, close to the German border and nestled in the beautiful Rhine Valley nature, offers many tourism possibilities.


Text: Elisabeth Doehne | Photos: Bad Zurzach Thermal Spa


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