Furniture can be so much more than a mere practicality; furniture can be a statement. Tojo Möbel is an ambitious pioneer of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art furniture with that particular puristic, innovative touch. Founded in 2000, it has always been Tojo Möbel’s aim to model affordable furniture for a steadily growing customer base wishing to buy puristic, design-oriented, easy- to-handle furniture with a difference.“It all started with my job at a moving company. To drag bulky pieces of furniture through small staircases was really hard and a veritable nuisance. I became highly motivated to construct a piece of furniture that was much less hassle. Well, what can I say –‘system’, Tojo’s first series, became a still on- going success story,” Gerald Schatz, found- er and owner of Tojo Möbel, reminisces.

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