Ever been to a museum dedicated to pigs? Or ever wandered through a collection solely exhibiting mustard-related items? In Germany, a country well-known for its world-class museums and exhibitions, you can also find some rather unexpected collections. Here are our top five picks.

Ostereimuseum (Easter egg museum) in Sonnenbühl

If you love the Easter break and all that comes with it, the Easter egg museum in Sonnenbühl is the perfect place for you. Here, visitors can look forward to an ever-growing collection of Easter eggs from Germany and neighbouring countries with long-standing Easter traditions like Poland, Romania and Hungary. Besides more traditional eggs, some ‘modern’ ones are also exhibited. One famous example for that is the ‘Coca-Cola egg’. Be aware: The museum is only open around Easter so do check the opening days before you go.

The Top 8 Quirkiest Museums and Collections in Germany

Photo: Bianca Ackermann, Unsplash

Senfladen Mustard Museum in Düsseldorf

Did you know that the city of Düsseldorf has a rich mustard history? The city’s mustard is famous for its sweet-sour taste that comes from the addition of vinegar. In 1726, the first mustard factory opened in Düsseldorf and ever since, mustard has been a firm cultural component of the cityscape. The ‘Senfladen Mustard Museum’ gives visitors insights into this exciting history with its very own mustard mill and, of course, the opportunity to taste different mustard flavours. Our tip: Be adventurous and try the beer mustard or the coconut curry mustard.

The Top 8 Quirkiest Museums and Collections in Germany

Pig Museum, Stuttgart. Photo: Stuttgart

Schweinemuseum (Pig Museum) in Stuttgart

Love pigs? Well, the Pig Museum in Stuttgart certainly does. With over 50,000 objects relating to pigs from around the world, pig fans really get their money worth. From paintings to comics, piggy banks, to photos, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, you can find out more about pig worship around the world, interesting facts about the development of different pig breeds, and much, much more. Even better: all topics are presented in a way that is suitable for adults and children so that the collection is a great place for a family day out.

The Top 8 Quirkiest Museums and Collections in Germany

Pig Museum, Stuttgart. Photo: Stuttgart Marketing GmbH

Fragrance Museum (Duftmuseum im Farina-Haus) in Cologne

Cologne, as its name suggests, has a long history when it comes to fragrances. No wonder that the city is also home to a dedicated fragrance museum. Visitors can discover the origins of perfume (which are found here in the Farina-Haus) from 1709, test their noses, as well as buy their favourite scents. A great day out is guaranteed!

German Currywurst Museum in Berlin

Berlin is most commonly associated with the Berlin Wall, its notorious clubbing scene, and, well… the iconic currywurst! This cult snack has slowly made it around the world, but its origins are here, within Berlin. Germans eat around 800 million portions of this pork sausage snack with curry sauce and the unique exhibition will tell visitors all about Germany’s fast-food culture. Find out more about the origins of the currywurst, listen to currywurst songs, experience the exotic spices used in the sauce, and try some currywurst versions – vegan options are included too.

Museum der Unerhörten Dinge (Museum of Unheard of Things) in Berlin

In this special museum, visitors can expect to find some interesting oddities by delving into founder Roland Albrecht’s collection. Expect to see Columbus’alleged telescope, fossilised rice, acorn olives, white red wine, a petrified potato, or the fur of a bonsai deer. But remember: The founder has mixed quirky explanations with real stories and invented ones for all objects. Whether these are real or not, is entirely up to your imagination.

Museum der Brotkultur (Museum of Bread Culture) in Ulm

If Germans love one thing most it is bread. If you ever have met a German living abroad, their biggest concern will probably be how to source proper bread. Here at the Museum der Brotkultur, the importance of grains and bread for Germans and their society and culture is highlighted. Learn about the history of bread and bread production in an interesting way – life-like sculptures and interesting displays included.

The Top 8 Quirkiest Museums and Collections in Germany

Photo: Bianca Ackermann, Unsplash

Deutsches Kochbuchmuseum (German Cookbook Museum) in Dortmund

Into cooking and baking? The German Cookbook Museum might be a great museum. While the name suggests it’s all about cookbooks – which there is, of course, a large selection of – the museum is much more than that. It lets visitors explore the roles of cooking and food in German society, offers various classes, as well as showcases interesting kitchen technology.

The Top 8 Quirkiest Museums and Collections in Germany

Trabi Museum in Berlin. Photo: Trabi-Museum

Other quirky and unusual museums worth a visit:

- Trabi-Museum in Berlin
- Bud Spencer Museum in Berlin
- German Stroller Museum in Zeitz
- Naturalienkabinett in Waldenburg
- Buchstabenmuseum (Letter Museum) in Berlin

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