As a universal technology, it is one of the most important providers of innovation in the 21st century. Sensors are employed in many ways for providing a high-quality life. They save lives, protect the environment and ensure security. With the assistance of sensors, relevant data is identified, recorded, analysed and processed to a signal triggering the requested reaction in an intelligent system.

Megatrends of our time like ‘Digitisa-tion’, ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Industry 4.0’ and the ‘Internet of Things’ are inconceiva-ble without sensors. “They are the eyes and ears of modern industry and the key technology in a world where intelligent and networked products become reality. Mankind is striving for health, wealth, se-curity and mobility is largely facilitated by innovative sensor solutions” says Dr. Hubert Steigerwald, CEO of the Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. (SPS).

The importance of these supporters is con-siderable, since digitisation has an impact on all areas in life. In addition, innovative sensor technology applications are mak-ing emerging markets accessible. A mobile holds seven sensors on average, cars even have 200. Sensors warn us of forest fires, trigger airbags in a split second and assist us when we have to get up at night illu-minating the way to the bathroom. They register crumbling concrete, find leaks in pipelines, measure car to car distances and check the freshness of food. Moreo-ver, they provide us with data like counted steps, heartbeat metering or calorie con-sumption. To optimise an existing prod-uct, you have to consider simple sensors, which does not even cost a euro nowadays.

It is therefore the goal of Dr. Hubert Steigerwald and the SPS, the management organisation of the Bavarian Cluster Sen-sorik based in Regensburg, to secure tech-nological leadership in Bavaria but also the global market. The SPS unites competences as a regional network with currently 70 members and 150 partners. The focus is on strengthening the sustaina-bility and the innovational work of the network mem-bers effective-ly picks up the megatrends and developments in the sector offering nu-merous contact opportunities for econo-my, science and politics.

Funds of the Cluster-Offensive Bayern and contributions of the individual network members permit offer an extended range of services. The primary activities of the Cluster include: initiation of cooperation and partner scouting as well as privileged integration and consideration for coop-erative projects, transfer of knowledge through technology and specialist forums, support with investment and capital ques-tions, cluster communication and cluster marketing using newsletters, web sites, emails, social media, focused expertise and providing R&D services via the subsidiary ‘Sensorik-Bayern GmbH’ (SBG). The SBG offers comprehensive sensor technology expertise, provides support with applica-tions for grants, feasibility studies, research for literature, patents and market. Servic-es of the network also include support in (strategic) organisational development and consulting, expert forums, certified educational trainings, seminars, coaching and workshops, and support in daily hu-man resources management. With great success the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs awarded SPS as ‘Innovative Network 2014’ and in 2015, SPS received the Silver Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). “Our secret to success is the mutual appreciation and trust between the corporate actors in-volved,” says Dr. Hubert Steigerwald.Why are businesses in clusters more inno-vative and productive? Networking gener-ates cooperation and healthy competition, the businesses involved can access a net-work of partners, suppliers and research institutes. It is easier for companies in clusters to find specialists in their vicinity and the cluster provides a broad range of training programs (innovation manager, sales training, training for management, business administration [BWL] for de-velopers, seminar series sensor technolo-gies). They are able to present themselves and exchange information in networking events (joint booths at fairs, technological and expert forums). Another benefit: com-panies get informed about current funding projects in time.

The cluster management visits members on a regular basis. “This way we listen closely to the concerns and needs of our members and are well-informed about so-cio-technological trends, current projects and topics,” explains Dr. Steigerwald. Thus we intensify the contact, build confidence and initialise joint projects and conceptu-alise custom-fit offers for practical needs. If you are interested in collaborat-ing with the Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V., please visit the following web page for further information or contact Dr. Steigerwald.


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