From humble garage to global innovation: TGW Robotics has evolved into a leading force in automation and robotics solutions, empowering industries worldwide.

From a passionate start in a small garage in 2000, TGW Robotics GmbH has charted a path that many dream of but few achieve. Like tech giants Apple and Microsoft, TGW Robotics shares the iconic beginning of starting from a garage, burgeoning into a beacon of innovation in the heart of Europe. Last year, the company moved to their new building in Rohrdorf near Munich, which marks a significant milestone, symbolising their journey from a humble beginning to a future filled with growth and development. “Our team has room to grow there, and we also have the option of constructing a new building,” Robert Wagenstaller, Managing Director, explains. “This has all been made possible by the TGW Logistics Group to boost our development even further.” It’s safe to say that TGW Robotics will follow its growth trajectory that already spans over two decades.

TGW Robotics: Pioneering the future of intralogistics

Assembly of current projects.

A foundation built on innovation

With a sprawling 8,500 m² production area, a 3,200 m² logistics and storage space, and an 800 m² innovation area equipped with a training room, TGW Robotics has evolved into a powerhouse. This evolution has been fuelled by an unwavering commitment to innovation, technology and the drive to offer high-performance solutions in intralogistics.

At the core of TGW Robotics’ offerings lies a deep expertise in providing intelligent, future-oriented automation and robotics solutions. Specialising in sectors such as grocery, industrial and consumer goods, fashion and pharmaceuticals, TGW Robotics has become a pivotal partner across industries. Customers particularly value its capacity to automate and optimise warehousing and logistics operations, from palletising and depalletising to automated carton handling and single-piece picking. “Each of our modules is equipped with intelligent camera technology, allowing for automatic carton format recognition among other advanced capabilities,” Robert Wagenstaller says, emphasising TGW Robotic’s dedication to technological excellence and innovation.

TGW Robotics: Pioneering the future of intralogistics

Welding area.

Unparalleled customer focus and global reach

What sets TGW Robotics apart is not just its innovative approach but its commitment to customer satisfaction and project success. “We provide automation solutions that transform our clients’ manual processes into streamlined, high-performance operations, anticipating the logistics needs of the future”, Robert Wagenstaller adds. “Our portfolio includes unique and patented products and modules, unrivalled by any competitor, alongside established and proven solutions already recognised in the market. This approach not only brings stability to our customers’ logistics processes but also makes us their preferred choice for comprehensive, all-in-one solutions.”

The ability to really listen to the customers, understanding their needs, and delivering tailor-made solutions is what clients appreciate the most. This client-centric philosophy, also offering life-time services, is complemented by the company’s global reach, offering German engineering with a commitment to passion, quality and worldwide service.

TGW Robotics: Pioneering the future of intralogistics

Managing directors (from left to right): Albert Breitenfellner-Fercher, Robert Wagenstaller and Ewald Koppler.

The road ahead

The future looks bright for TGW Robotics, with over 40 patented solutions within the TGW Logistics Group and continuous innovation at its core. Among the exciting developments is a unique machine capable of palletising mixed products onto different load carriers, a testament to the company’s innovative spirit. This patented solution, operational across all temperature ranges, can be integrated into existing buildings, offering high storage density, performance, product variability, and process stability.

In an age where e-commerce is reshaping markets at an unprecedented pace, TGW Robotics can be found at the forefront, developing flexible solutions like a new small fulfilment centre designed to meet the demands of the fast-paced online retail sector. This initiative exemplifies TGW’s agility and readiness to address the evolving needs of the market.

TGW Robotics continues to pave the way in intralogistics. Its success story is driven by passion, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, setting new standards in the automation and robotics industry.

TGW Robotics: Pioneering the future of intralogistics

Assembly of the machines.


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