Frustrated by the current solutions on offer, two designers have set about reinventing the bicycle lock.

Bicycle aficionados, designers and product developers, Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand, founded their company Texlock in 2016. “The key component of our innovative bike locks is a textile-based rope. Especially developed high-tech fibres turn the lock into a real lightweight, with unique flexibility,” Baum explains. Manufactured and developed in Leipzig, security certified tex—lock bike locks meet even the highest safety standards – without damaging the bike, as Brand points out: “tex—lock makes it a pleasure to reliably lock your bike. Through their soft surface, the locks do not make any annoying noises by rattling against the frame. The flexible rope, its design and material, feel good in your hands and look great. The perfect symbiosis of style and function!”

Texlock: Bicycle charmers, Successful Start-ups, Discover Germany magazine

Design-awarded tex—lock bicycle locks come in different lengths and aesthetic colours, and their special loop-through principle makes them easy to use. Plus, with their multi-layered patented construction, tex—locks are resistant to bolt cutters, saws, fire, leverage or traction, and therefore become a reliable travel companion to anyone using a bike.

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Texlock: Bicycle charmers, Successful Start-ups, Discover Germany magazine

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