The coaching market has significantly developed and grown in recent years – and that’s particularly been the case in Switzerland. Let’s take a look at what makes Swiss coaching so special?

Coaching has become a well-established and sought-after instrument of personal development throughout the world, and the industry is still growing. According to the ICF Global Coaching Study of 2016, around 53,300 people worked as professional coaches worldwide. Almost every second coach comes from Europe (43 per cent), while the main bulk of coaches come from Western Europe (18,800 coaches). In 2013, a study called ‘Coaching Across the Globe’, from Cologne-based Frank Besser Consulting, predicted that the coaching market will grow substantially in the coming years – and it most definitely has, plus continues to do so.


Coaching is getting used more and more in small- and medium-sized companies, public institutions, educational institutions, hospitals, schools and universities. In many larger companies, meanwhile, coaching has already been an integral part of the development of personnel for some time.

One of the important topics of contemporary coaching seems to be dealing with the ever-growing complexity of management positions, which includes digital change, burn-out prevention and stress management. It can be expected that the digital transformation will actually affect coaching in itself, too, in that digital media can be used to further the coaching market. However, the personal face-to-face approach will still be the primary part of most coaching sessions, while electronic media will play a supplementary role.

All in all, coaching has now become an established instrument of personal development within a huge number of Swiss companies. Some of the reasons for this include the increasing complexity of modern life, a higher information density, as well as increasing pressure on time, efficiency and performance.

On the following page, we introduce some of Switzerland’s top coaching experts.

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