Finding the right suit for the right man can be a difficult challenge. Sometimes there is not enough consultation, other times there is such a wide selection that one feels lost. Knowing this frustration, Sebastian Signer founded the company SUITLABS: a start-up from Munich that makes the journey to your next suit simple and at eye level. Simplicity is the key. “In our store, no one is lost. We offer classic business suits in two styles and classic colours, with additional SUITLABS shirts and ties. Men can assemble their entire business outfit and advice is given by me personally.” Sebastian’s journey as an entrepreneur began as a complete newcomer. Before SUITLABS he worked in business consulting, but was eager to create his own company and bear the responsibility. “It all started the classic way in a small backyard office in Munich with a pen and pencil. I literally had to start from scratch and work it out as I went along.”


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