A great interior can make you feel better, more relaxed and happier. So why not give your home a much-needed interior overhaul? Each new season comes with new interesting interior design trends and trend colours. We take a look at some of the most important interior trends going on right now.

In 2019, interior designers luckily offer something for everyone. Whether you’re into colour explosions or are more into modern, sleek looks, or whether you want to update the entire home or just one of your rooms, we guarantee that at least one of the following interior trends will be right up your alley.

Plants and floral patterns

Luckily, the omnipresent plant trend of 2018 hasn’t gone anywhere throughout 2019! Equip your rooms with fresh foliage or choose plant-themed interior products such as cushions, bedding or dishes, if you’re more the type of person that struggles to keep plants alive. Why not pair natural rattan furniture with green colour nuances and some new colours for a cute, trendy interior?


Think less bleached wood and anchors on the wall and more subtle and chic colours, textures and materials, for this fresh take on the maritime interior. Incorporate natural and sustainable materials such as wood, seagrass or cotton, add some beautiful blue colour nuances, and create that gorgeous beachy feel inside your home.

Copper accents

What better way to spice up your interior than with some fresh copper tones? It’s really easy to bring this trend into your home, as equipping a room with one or two simple copper pieces will most likely do the trick already. With copper accents, however, it’s important not to overdo it, so as to achieve a trendy look.

Rattan furniture

Gone are the days where rattan furniture was only sold in garden centres. Rattan has made it into homes all over the world and is loved by interior influencers all over Instagram right now. While this is yet another trend that had already gained fame last year, it has proven its worth in interiors all over the world, still today, for a number of reasons: it’s gorgeous, natural and gives your home an easy but impactful makeover.

Glass lanterns with rattan strips from Flo & Joe. Photo: © www.floandjoe.co.uk

Velvet furnishings

Velvet has been back for a while now but we simply can’t get over this beautiful interior trend. The durable, tactile and soft fabric, with an undeniable hint of decadence, impresses with its texture and is available in almost any colour imaginable, so that you can effortlessly blend this luxurious trend with your existing interior.

Tropical leaf wallpaper by MINDTHEGAP. Photo: © www.limelace.co.uk

For more trends and design ideas for your home, be sure to read the following special theme, where we have handpicked some of the DACH region’s top interior designers, interior architects and interior decorators. Get inspired! www.discovergermany.com

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