Are you planning a wedding? The DACH region which consists of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has a great deal to offer.

Whether one seeks to get married in pure, rural nature in front of a magnificent mountain scenery, on a lake or in the city in a luxurious hotel, couples will find it all in the DACH region.

So, if you decide to have a wedding here, be sure to know all the local customs that are associated with a wedding. For example, Swiss brides tend to spend their last night as an unmarried woman in their parents’ house where she is woken up by a loud noise like fireworks very early in the morning. This noise not only wakes her up for the special day, it also is said to expel evil spirits.

SPECIAL THEME: WEDDING DREAMS: Everything for your special day

Another tradition in Germany is to kidnap the bride. This is normally done by best friends. After kidnapping the bride, they take her from bar to bar and the husband has to pay every bill after that. Furthermore, sawing tree trunks is still a popular custom throughout Switzerland – especially in rural regions. After the wedding in church, a tree is placed on the road which the couple want to pass. They then have to cut it through together to get to a happy future.

Last but not least, one tends to see cans on the wedding car in Austria, Germany, as well as Switzerland. The loud noise this brings about is said to expel evil spirits, as well as to call attention to the newly married couple.

In the following special theme we have handpicked some innovative companies and great people that can help you with turning your wedding into the most beautiful day of your life.

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SPECIAL THEME: WEDDING DREAMS: Everything for your special day

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