Looking to take your business or your personal skills to the next level? Choosing a coaching or consulting expert might just do the trick.

The coaching industry is growing rapidly and more and more businesses and individuals are looking for help from coaches and trainers from various fields. While the life coaching sector is booming around the world, coaching is a $2.85 billion global industry and, according to the 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study this is a 21% increase since 2015.

SPECIAL THEME: COACHING & TRAINING: Taking skills to the next level

In the US alone, there are 23,000 certified coaches and 71,000 coaches worldwide. According to the same source, 73% of coaching clients argue that coaching helped their personal and business lives, while 51% of companies that use coaching regularly have higher revenues than companies that do not.

In Germany, workplace coaching is also becoming increasingly popular in the business world and businesses are realizing the benefits it can bring to their employees and the business. If one believes the estimates of associations, a total number of 5,000 coaches are currently active in Germany.

SPECIAL THEME: COACHING & TRAINING: Taking skills to the next level

Numerous studies show that mentoring improves employee productivity and satisfaction and helps them grow professionally and remain loyal to their employer. According to data by Gitnux, 94% of workers would stay longer in their job if their employer offered more learning and career development opportunities. Furthermore, 91% of coachees experience a skill improvement in one or more of the areas they worked on during their mentoring relationship.

SPECIAL THEME: COACHING & TRAINING: Taking skills to the next level

To find your right fit, we have collected some of Germany’s top coaching experts in the following special theme, and take a closer look at their respective fields of expertise. Click here to read the full special theme and get inspired!

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