A spa break is an opportunity to concentrate on health, relaxation, tranquillity and a holistic approach to treatment. Spas are designed to heal, alleviate and prevent illnesses.

Their aims are to promote health and quality of life, maintain wellbeing and counteract potential problems. Germany’s spas and health resorts offer trails and cycle paths, Nordic walking parks, health and fitness trails and beautiful gardens – delightful settings in which to exercise with plenty of fresh air away from the bustle of towns and cities. Germany’s approx. 350 approved spas and health resorts – longstanding centres of health excellence represented by the German Spa Association – are experts in the therapeutic use of the natural resources of the earth, the sea, the climate, and Sebastian Kneipp-style physiotherapy. Germany’s spa traditions are continually being updated to incorporate new scientific findings and are subject to regular quality reviews.

The German Spa Association was founded on 23 April 1892 when Germany’s leading spa doctors and health resort officials convened in Leipzig to establish an organisation dedicated to the pursuit of common objectives.
Today the German Spa Association represents the spa associations of the individual federal states, the Association of German Spa Doctors and the Academy of Balneology and Climatology, all of which are devoted to spas and health resorts. The spa Heiligendamm for example is one of the 54 hotspots and one of the oldest spas in Germany, which is celebrating the 220th anniversary this year.

By Ernst Hinsken, President German Spa Association (DHV), published in Discover Germany issue 3 – May 2013 | Photos: DHV

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