The boutique hotel Smucke Steed in the German seaside town of Gluecksburg enchants guests with its personal service, the quiet nature and a fabulous homemade breakfast. Only a stone’s throw away from Denmark, Smucke Steed features timeless Scandinavian interiors. If you need a break from the daily noise, this is certainly the place to be. It has always been a dream of Tine and Soenke Roß to run their own petite hotel. When they found the little gem that is Smucke Steed, their dream finally came true in 2014.
Built in 1898, the house originally served as a boarding house for daughters of upper-class families who were looking to mingle with potential husbands vacationing in the wealthy resort of Glücksburg. Incidentally, ‘Glueck’ in German means ‘luck’ and it is easy to imagine that many a romance began here.

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