Since the pandemic, actor Simon Böer has fallen in love with caravanning, and often drives to filming locations in his mobile home. He speaks to DISCOVER GERMANY, Austria & Switzerland about his love for motorhome holidays and much more.

DISCOVER GERMANY: How did you get into acting? Has this always been your dream job?

Simon Böer: In a poem that my grandfather wrote when I was five years old, he describes that I want to become an actor – and tread the boards. So, I must have said that very early on. But I remember that I found a lot of jobs interesting. From criminal investigation to space travel, there was a lot that appealed to me. As an actor, I can now get a taste of very different professions and aspects of life. So, it is a dream job, yes!

DISCOVER GERMANY: You have been involved in many productions. Which do you remember most fondly and why?

Simon Böer: Oh, there are many! I couldn’t even say which is my favourite. As a traveller at heart, my shoots in South Africa and New Zealand have made for lasting memories and friendships. My recent two-month trip through Croatia in a mobile home, where I was able to combine filming with family vacations, will also remain unforgettable. I was very touched recently that my friend and then ‘film son’ from the series Herzensbrecher, Gerrit Klein, cast me in the road movie he produced, Sommer auf drei Rädern (which can still be seen in the ARTE media library) – even if I I had to shave my head bald for a month for this. We had a great time, which makes us want to do more projects together.

DISCOVER GERMANY: To what extent has the acting environment changed since Corona?

Simon Böer: Corona paralysed everything. After a year of standstill, I got the offer to take over the series Der Lehrer. However, work here was also made logistically and, in terms of content, very difficult by the pandemic: suddenly there were only six students in a class, emotional and physically interactive scenes had to be played at a distance, scripts had to adapt to the conditions at the time. Nevertheless, I’m very grateful to Sony Pictures and proud of the whole team that we didn’t let it get us down right to the end. The rest is history.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Any tips for aspiring young actors?

Simon Böer: I don’t think newcomers need any tips from me. I observe that there is a lot of permeability and authenticity at the start. That is exactly the key to the job: empathy and dedication. If there is something I will always emphasise in this profession, it is the constant work on your own craft, daily training and building resilience through meditation and breathwork.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What do you love about caravanning? Why should everyone try it once in their lifetime?

Simon Böer: When traveling in a motorhome, every kilometre covered is an experience. You get to know the country and its people much more directly – the journey is the goal. As soon as I sit behind the wheel, a relaxed holiday feeling sets in. We used to like to take vacation packages and just put our feet up – nice too, but boring in the long run. Ever since we met LMC at a motorhome show and found our favourite motorhome with this manufacturer, there has been no turning back. When you are traveling in a mobile home, you come very close to the here and now. You go with the flow and that opens up new worlds and adventures for you. Spontaneous plan changes included. We often had certain destinations in mind and in the end, everything turned out differently. Be it because we followed the sun because of the weather – or because we followed tips from other travellers.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Do you have a favourite caravanning destination in Europe?

Simon Böer: We love Italy. A very special experience was our also unplanned detour to Elba. This island is just beautiful. Since we are enthusiastic surfers, we are also drawn to the Atlantic: France, Spain, Portugal. Croatia and its impressive national parks are also beautiful. As you can see, I can’t decide on my favorite here, either. The main thing is to travel with the mobile home.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Which utensil should you definitely not forget when caravanning?

Simon Böer: It’s the little things, because our LMC cruiser is very well equipped with a kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet. If you are away from the campsites, a watering can suddenly has great value if you want to refill water and there is no hose connection to be found. Torch and clothesline are also worth their weight in gold now and then.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What does home mean to you?

Simon Böer: I was born in Bonn and grew up in the surrounding area, very rural. After graduating from high school, I went to Berlin to attend acting school. I started my family there, my son was born in Berlin and even though we have now moved back to my actual homeland, the Rhineland, to the beautiful Siebengebirge mountains, after 20 years there I still have a feeling of home in Berlin. In short: for me, home is not just the place where I grew up. Home are places that made my heart beat faster, where I spent an intense lifetime and where people are at home who always make me feel welcome.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What role would you most like to see yourself in?

Simon Böer: I’m not committed to that either. I became an actor so that I could slip into many different roles. It’s more of a genre. Right now, I’m in the mood for a western movie. But I also like crime and horror. The main thing is that the screenplay is good – that’s more than half the battle.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Any other plans for 2022-2023? Are there new projects?

Simon Böer: I have two very nice projects in preparation that I can’t talk about yet. In addition to acting, I have trained as a hypnosis therapist and resilience trainer and work in a practice in Cologne with my friend and colleague Marc Bennerscheidt. I really enjoy coaching – here, too, I work with people and can accompany them through the challenges of their life. Especially in these not so easy times, this is very fulfilling work.


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