Wedding bells are ringing! Now that the temperatures are rising and restrictions continue to be eased, couples can look forward to their big day even more – a day that is not complete without the perfect wedding cake.

It was a memorable incident that made cake artist Rosely Menotti think seriously about cake: “True! I never had the opportunity to take a picture of my daughter’s stunning cake on her communion as the guests had already eaten half of it before I even had the chance to get my camera. This got me interested in the art of cake making.”

International fusion of passion and vocation

Today, Zurich-based Rosely Menotti’s bespoke cakes are an inspiration for her many customers. Not just for birthdays or anniversaries, but weddings, too. Rosely has the perfect cake for any occasion.

How does she do it? And what makes her cakes so special and yummy? “That’s quite a tricky question as I know that self-praise is no praise at all…. Yet I guess the answer is that it’s because cakes really are my vocation and I put a lot of passion into them. You see, when I decided to take my love for cakes to the next level I did not do so by merely engaging in trial and error baking sessions, but also by travelling to different countries, attending courses and by thus collecting a lot of insight and knowledge from many cultural backgrounds. If you want, each of my cakes is a fusion of the many inspirations I collected from these encounters.”

And Rosely’s customers do not hold back when it comes to giving praise to her work. ‘One of the best cakes in Zurich!’ or ‘Each cake is a small masterpiece’, are just some of the many positive opinions bestowed upon her designs. NOT JUST ANY PIECE OF CAKE

Right: Rosely Menotti.

Bespoke (wedding) cakes

Giraffes, unicorns, Nemo, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland or a heart-shaped, multi-tiered wedding cake with natural or edible flowers – Rosely’s cakes are in a class of their own.

Is there some kind of menu the customers can choose from? “Well, no. The world is my customers’ oyster, so to speak. Comic-themed cakes such as the Nemo one are in great demand though. But in general, my customers can let their imaginations run wild. I help when and where help is needed, of course, but in the end, a cake’s design and flavour is always the respective customer’s decision.”

So, while customers can choose any design they want (which may be a tough decision to make!), they also have a near endless choice of flavours they can choose from: chocolate mousse, vanilla cream, cheesecake, or tropical flavours such as passionfruit mousse, mango, limoncello… Rosely’s list is long.

So, with so many designs to create and an almost endless variety of flavours, can Rosely recall an order that stands out? “Oh yes. Definitely. One of the most unusual cakes I made was of the Town Musicians of Bremen. A 1.20-metre-high sculpture made entirely of colourless chocolate. It looked like an old statue. I was absolutely stunned by the result.” NOT JUST ANY PIECE OF CAKE

Become an expert confectioner yourself

For those who now feel inspired and want to take a closer look behind the scenes of cake design, or are thinking about delving deep into the art of cake making themselves, Rosely offers courses on specialised topics such as modelling flowers from sugar paste, for which she also invites internationally renowned experts. “In these courses you can learn the art of cake design from scratch. Experts will show you, for example, how to design features such as delicate flowers, expressive and life-like faces and give you many more hints and tricks.”

So, in conclusion and hand on heart, does Rosely have a favourite cake that springs to mind? “Hmm. Tough question. But if I had to choose, it would probably be the Rüebli cake (carrot cake).” And which cake would she like to bake one day? “This one is a little bit easier to answer. Someday I would like to design edible sculptures and really massive, exceptionally glamorous wedding cakes for opulent dream weddings.”

Three-tiered wedding Rüebli cake, or indeed, almost any other flavour or design – Rosely’s cakes convince consumers via their taste, design and originality. On any occasion. NOT JUST ANY PIECE OF CAKE


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