“My Business is my reflection: a cultural explosion,” says Richa Sharma

“I always wanted to be an Interior Designer,” recalls Richa Sharma, who since 2020, has run her own design agency ‘rich with an A’ from the suburbs of Munich. After years in the retail business and other segments, where India-born Richa had been responsible for designs in differing contexts, the qualified interior designer has finally found her true passion: a luxury interior design agency working with brands from across the globe.

“I am fascinated by sensational designs,” explains Richa. Her portfolio is marked by a singular approach, with so much of the design showcasing her Indian roots. “My agency has a collection that results in truly dramatic interiors,” Richa reveals “All in a positive, most enjoyable manner. My ideas are over the top, a bit crazy, and they grab customers’ attention.”

“I like to think outside the box, but not at the cost of commercial success. At the end of the day, every interior piece needs to get the cash register rolling. I always believe in making suggestions that spark the customers’ interest.”

Richa works together with the wider interiors sector, luxury concept stores, florists, event planners and restaurants. She influences the selection of the product-mix, too. Some of her favourite clients are Lodenfrey in Munich, St. Peter Stiftskulinarium in Salzburg and Seipp Wohnen in Waldshut.

What does she have that others don’t have? “Well, for one, I truly believe in providing service. Many clients tell me that I am real. I am an Indian at heart, German by choice. Meaning that I am friendly and approachable, structured and efficient at the same time. I incorporate the best of both worlds and that’s my winning card. I am well-travelled and have an international background. A mixture which enables me to conceive a myriad of approaches and ideas.”

Richa has been very successful with this approach, and this is just the foundation. “I am very proud that recently I was able to hire a new team member. I want my business to grow, while I support women – and I am blessed to be in a position where I can do both.”

So, any future plans? “Yes, for sure! While I am working with internationally renowned brands and supporting the social media needs of clients, I want to expand my association with the luxury niche segment. Eventually, I would love to accomplish my dream of having a store that I can call mine.”


Web: www.richwithana.com

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