The Michelin-starred Restaurant Skykitchen welcomes its guests on the 12th floor of Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. Extraordinary menus go hand in hand with a splendid view of the big city.

Chef de cuisine Alexander Koppe loves crossover-cooking. His culinary creations mix the French Haute Cuisine, which he learned to value during his classical apprenticeship, with a dash of exotic Asian flavours and some good old cuisine from Berlin. His current menu, ‘Voyage culinaire’, offers four to eight courses, from octopus with mustard pickle and sour cabbage to suckling pork with chickpeas, eggplant and tomatoes, and is also available as a vegetarian variation.

Restaurant Skykitchen: Where fine dining meets the down-to-earth attitude of Berlin, Discover Germany Magazine

Chef de cuisine Alexander Koppe.

About a year ago, Restaurant Skykitchen initiated a new event series, the ‘Brinner’. One might say that too many cooks spoil the broth, but Alexander Koppe may well have proved this saying wrong. Once every three months, he and another star cook create a melange of breakfast and dinner, served between 3pm and 7pm. Sweet dishes meet savoury creations and are accompanied by excellent service, a mobile station with bread and wine, homemade pralines and as much Champagne as the guests like.

The restaurant offers 55 seats at tables and eight seats at the windowsill. The interior was designed by the architects Dreimeta: unpretentious and harmonic, it combines a noble appearance with the chic of a street-food market, and thereby represents the exciting contrasts of Berlin.

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