Is there a place quite like Regensburg? Of course not. Regensburg is a sensation. It is young, but full of history, garnished with an Italian flavour and placed right in the centre of Europe. Then there are the sights, such as the wellknown cathedral St. Peter, the stony bridge. Nowadays, Regensburg is far from being an insider’s tip, as it was named an UNESCO world heritage city in 2006. But secrets are lurking everywhere, are whispering in the alleys and revealing their magic to each new visitor. Granted, when you look at Germany as a whole, Regensburg may not be located at the heart of it. However, taking a European perspective, one quickly realises that visiting Regensburg comes naturally when crossing Europe. Munich, Frankfurt and Prague form a web around the lively city and even long-distance bicycle riders will roll through it, as it is a junction for the EuroVelo6 (Nantes, France to Constanta, Romania), the Donau bicycle path (Donaueschingen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary) and many more.



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