Creativity, individualisation and sensitivity


Prof. Dr. med. Goetz A. Giessler offers aesthetic surgery, reconstructive procedures and hand surgery as part of Kassel Clinic, one of the largest hospitals in Northern Hesse. Professor Giessler stands out in his field not only thanks to his expertise, but also due to his empathy and individualised solutions.

“It is amazing to give someone back their charismatic appearance,” enthuses Professor Giessler. “Plastic surgery is a craft that includes creativity. You don’t just need fine-tuned surgical skills — emotional tact is equally important to find the perfect solution for each patient. Both medical knowledge and that of human nature combine here.”

From breast surgery, facial rejuvenation to body contouring procedures, the clinic setting means that Professor Giessler is also able to welcome patients who want comprehensive procedures, which small offices may not offer.

Patients benefit from the top-quality clinic equipment and comprehensive expertise: “Aesthetic surgery is not for the young and healthy only. Also, medically compromised patients of advanced age who may need extra care while undergoing reconstructive or aesthetic surgery, are in good hands with us,” Professor Giessler adds. “We are also known internationally for finding solutions for extremely complicated cases.”

Professor Giessler’s team comes from a reconstructive background with solid plastic-surgical training. “We usually strive for natural and harmonious aesthetic results, but if a patient prefers a flashier look, we will listen as well. Everyone is different, and we aren’t here to judge. We always try to fulfill our patient’s wishes, if it is safe and surgically reasonable,” Professor Giessler says with a warm smile.

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