Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland sits down with actor Peter Ketnath to speak about his latest film project, his success in South America and much, much more.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Has acting always been your dream profession?

Peter Ketnath: In early years, I dreamt of being an adventurer, a chief of an indigenous tribe, an archaeologist, an architect, painter or philosopher until the age of around ten, when all that melted together into the wish to be an actor: who naturally can pretend to be anything and everything.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Is there a particular shooting that you remember most?

Peter Ketnath: From each film I hold the best moments in my memory, a colourful mosaic of time. But one of the most impressive shootings was my first film, AND NOBODY WHEEPS FOR ME, directed by Joseph Vilsmaier. We shot in Prague to establish a Munich of the 1920ies and everything was new to me.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What can viewers of KOHLRABENSCHWARZ look forward to? What’s the special thing about this new series?

Peter Ketnath: The series is a unique mix of elements from dark comedy to dark mystery and crime. In this form revolutionary for Germany, it sends the heroes off to fight demons and villains from ancient fairy tales and sagas with just the right doses of humour.

DISCOVER GERMANY: In KOHLRABENSCHWARZ, you play one of the main roles. How have you prepared for it?

Peter Ketnath: I liked the role of Franz Hartl from the first read. An interesting character with lots of facets and a mystery. He goes on a hero‘s journey with his companions, a stony path with unforeseen twists. And the shoot was demanding, but the outcome very pleasing.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Tell us… how did you become a cinema star in Brazil?

Peter Ketnath: In the first place, I was interested in Portuguese and Brazilian films. At the Berlin film festival, I attended a call for a Brazilian road movie, which I was invited to shoot. It turned out to be one of the most successful Brazilian films in the 21st century. From then on, I always came back to participate and produce a variety of projects in Latin America.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What do you love most about South America?

Peter Ketnath: The atmosphere and feel of this young continent. Though countries are very different from each other and often struggling, there is a hearty confidence in the people, a togetherness that I appreciate. And as a fan of nature, there is so much to discover.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Does that one dream role exist that you’d love to play one day?

Peter Ketnath: From Jesus to the pope, I am open and will never turn down a good script.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Can you reveal some tips and tricks for young actors?

Peter Ketnath: Follow your own truth and instincts. Cut out envy. Be faithful.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What else is planned for 2023 on your end?

Peter Ketnath: I will complete my work on SOKO Stuttgart (ZDF) as detective Stoll, and have two more premieres: HOW TO BE CARIOCA on Disney+ (Latin America), where I play a struggling conductor in Rio de Janeiro, and ATMOSPHERE, an independent drama that I also coproduced alongside Paulo Caldas and Gullane Films, for cinemas worldwide.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Do you have other dreams and wishes for your future?

Peter Ketnath: To continue my journey healthy and optimistic. The same goes for my family. And to get to meet more great and interesting people along the way. And, of course, peace to the world.

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