Bringing art and furniture together


A combination of conceptual design and handicraft. The statement of a piece of art meets a diverse and practical use. Furnishings with these special characteristics are created by the design label ONE PLUS ELEVEN.

Its name is Yama. It could be interpreted as a desk, but who actually decides what a desk has to look like? Why not put it in the middle of a room as a piece of art?

Sol, Hiro, Chi and others – all objects created by the design label ONE PLUS ELEVEN – are pieces of concept furniture which unite furnishings and art. “We have been working in the design sector for more than 20 years. Working with furniture and art is an important part of our daily lives,” the designers Wim Yanov and Milena Bellich reveal. They founded the label ONE PLUS ELEVEN just two years ago.

The creative minds behind the label describe how they develop their objects: “The idea itself is the most important step in the development process. We continue working on this idea until we can create a prototype, which is the transmission of the idea into reality. One idea results in 11 different pieces of furniture. That’s why we named the label ONE PLUS ELEVEN.” The objects are attractive for their aesthetic, their uniqueness and their relation to art. “The inspiration for our first collection has it roots in constructivism and the work of the American artist Sol LeWitt,” Yanov and Bellich explain. Thus, one of their designs is also named Sol, a console table which can be placed in any kind of room. Art, nature, or architecture, – everything can have an impact on ONE PLUS ELEVEN’s creations. “We do not want to stop on one point, we always aim to move on with our creations,” the designers continue. They believe that the conflation of art and functionality in an object should give every beholder the opportunity to draw their own inspiration from it.

The new collection by ONE PLUS ELEVEN will be presented in September at the 100% Design fair in London, UK. The designers do not want to reveal too much about it just yet. But design fans can look forward to new materials and forms, as well as smaller objects that are an eye-catcher in smaller spaces.


Phone: +49 30 243 587 23

The designers / Photo © ONE PLUS ELEVEN

The designers / Photo © ONE PLUS ELEVEN

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