There has been an increasing shift towards sustainable mobility solutions in the industry and society alike. Innovative ideas and visions are now closer than we might think.

When it comes to sustainable mobility, Mainz-based Next Mobility Labs know what they are talking about. Managing partner Felix Wagner explains the company’s scope and goals: “We act as an institutional co-founder or early-stage investor in the area of next generation mobility. This means that we are approached by entrepreneurs with an idea for a start-up or who are already in the early phases with their start-up. They come to us so we can jointly turn their idea into reality.”

Next Mobility Labs have a focus on sustainable mobility in industries such as automotive, transportation, energy, logistics and so on. “These are industries,” adds Wagner, “that are currently disrupted by new technologies, shifts to sustainability or an increasing emphasis on customer centricity.”

By supporting and cooperating with said companies, Next Mobility Labs plays an important role in the ecosystem of new mobility schemes. How would Wagner describe the advantages of cooperating with his company? “First of all, we are supported by a highly decorated, industry-proficient partner and advisory board consisting of, for example, Dr. Peter Mertens, former CTO at Audi, and Klaus Entenmann, former CEO at Daimler Financial Service. Secondly, there is our approach.

There are currently several players in the start-up ecosystem that promise to support founders on their journey; venture capitalists that provide funding at later stages or accelerators or incubators that assist start-ups for a limited time period. We, however, support our portfolio start-ups from day one to the exit as an institutional co-founder. Not only with capital but with hands-on support in daily operations and all entrepreneurial aspects.

The extent of our support becomes probably more tangible if you look at one of the business models that we helped in founding. The business was difficult to place on the market as its visions solved a very future-related problem. So, while we needed to sort out the financing and so on, we took over and ensured the continuous product development, and then got in contact with potential clients and additional investors. In the end, we were able to change things for the better and put the business on a sound financial foundation.”



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