If one seeks more self-confidence, a radiant appearance or a well-shaped and aesthetic body, one should head to the plastic and aesthetic surgery practice of Dr. med. Svenja Giessler in Munich. Not your usual practice, Dr. Giessler and her small team of female employees ensure personal attention 24 hours a day, long-term experience and a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

“We feel better when we look great. If one dreams about improved looks, we can fulfil this dream. Thereby, our patients’ wishes and needs are always at the centre of our attention,” smiles Dr. Giessler.The doctor’s impressive résumé begins at Ulm’s Albert Einstein University. After successfully completing her medicine studies in 1999, Dr. Giessler worked in numerous large hospitals in Berlin, Ludwigshafen and Vogtareuth. Most recently, she worked as a senior doctor in the department for plastic surgery in Vogtareuth’s treatment centre, where she was also assigned with holding special consultation hours about the topic of ‘aesthetic surgery’, as well as with the special support of breast patients. “I noticed that this creative field is exactly what I want to do and then I worked towards my examination for becoming specialist doctor for plastic and aesthetic surgery,” Dr. Giessler notes. Since January 2008, that dream has become reality with the opening of her own practice.


State-of-the-art breast treatments

Despite offering almost the entire spectrum of non-operative and operative plastic and aesthetic surgery procedures, Dr. Giessler’s main specialist area is breast surgery. “I believe that well-shaped breasts strengthen a woman’s self-confidence and I see breast enlargement as the perfect solution for sensual and female breasts,” Dr. Giessler notes. Offering breast enlargement by means of silicone implants, as well as by means of body fat, breast reduction measures, breast lifts, the treatment of retracted nipples or breast surgery for men are also part of Dr. Giessler’s portfolio.

Using the progressive, gentle and minimal scarring breast reduction method of Canadian medical specialist Dr. Hall-Findlay, Dr. Giessler’s results are impressive. Compared to other breast reduction techniques, the nipple remains connected to the mammary gland and the strong vessels of the upper part of the breast tissue and is moved upwards easily by rotating the pedicle in its new position. In addition, liposuction is performed to reduce the base of the breast. The advantages of this method are plentiful. Firstly, it is suitable for all breast sizes and there is long-term and sustainable breast shaping. Furthermore, there remains a permanent circulation of the nipple and thus, full preservation of sensitivity and protection of the pectoral muscle. Finally, the operations take approximately two hours instead of three to four, with only one short and pain-free day in hospital, as well as beautiful solutions with minimum scarring. “I’m very thankful that I found out about this method. At the moment, there are only a few specialist doctors in Germany who are able to carry out this innovative method in a correct and successful way,” Dr. Giessler smiles.

No matter which type of breast surgery one might chose, Dr. Giessler is an experienced doctor who has made this male and female anatomical feature her specialism throughout her education and now in her career. Her all-female team of three employees deeply understand the needs of their female patients. “We have a female view on to things.Thus, during a breast enlargement surgery, we can assess when breasts are simply too big. Furthermore, when a patient seeks to undergo labia minora reduction surgery, we are able to offer full discretion and a substantial understanding of the intimate topic,” Dr. Giessler explains. Yet despite whether a client is old or young, man or woman, the Giessler team is sure to offer a fully personal service and trustful, individual medical consultation.“We support our patients from the very first moment until after the procedure,” Dr. Giessler adds.


Beautifying from head to toe

Offering surgical techniques at the highest level, she constantly aims to gain further education to be able to offer only the best for patients. Other services provided include eyelid and upper eyelid lifting, wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid or Botox, lip shaping and enlargement, liposuction, abdominoplasty, corrective surgery of the ear, upper arm lifts, removal of birthmarks or moles, as well as operative and nonoperative scar treatments. Dr. Giessler’s portfolio also includes labia minora reductions and several laser treatments, such as facelifts, hair removals, acne treatment or spider vein eradications using the BroadBand Light (BBL) system by Sciton. Hand rejuvenation measures and treatment of trigger finger or carpal tunnel syndrome are also available. A new offer in Dr. Giessler’s practice is the innovative ‘coolsculpting’, which enables body fat reduction without any surgery in a low-risk and gentle way. With the help of cryolipolysis, which describes targeted undercooling, fat cells can be reduced in the long term.

Available 24 hours a day, it is no wonder that the friendly, modern and light practice has accumulated incredibly content patient reviews online. “I simply love to be part of improving someone’s self-perception and I constantly try to do as much as possible to make my patients happy and satisfied with the results,” she notes.


Text: Nane Steinhoff | Photos: Christian Vogel


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