For Claudio Bentes, playing music is a unique and very specific act. Accomplishing it takes certain elements. Location, ability, intent and passion are part of the equation. In 1998, he started his own chamber music concert series at the Vienna Mozarthaus, bringing together the various elements and thus creating a truthful atmosphere in which music is not played for the audience or the musicians, but for music itself. The Mozarthaus and its beautiful Sala Terrena are located in the historic core of Vienna. Built in the 12th century as part of a monastery, it is a place steeped with history and tales of a different world. Claudio Bentes discovered this world in younger years, collecting classical music on Vinyl. Bentes, who formed his first string quartet at 12, always felt that it would be great to live in this world with its lush interiors and colourful clothing. He also had a dream of Vienna, the city where so many artists had been, one of them, of course, being Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



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