In the last few years, the young German actress Luna Jordan has made a name for herself. In this interview, she speaks about her roots, her love for Vienna, her latest projects, and much more.

DISCOVER GERMANY: How did you get into acting? Has this always been your dream job?

Luna Jordan: Actually, I wanted to be an archaeologist in Northeast Africa for as long as I can remember… or a jazz guitarist. Acting somehow came in between, with theatre and film productions. I have to say that both my parents also come from the industry, which is why I was born with that a little bit.

DISCOVER GERMANY: You have Austrian roots and were born in Berlin. You now live in Vienna. What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Luna Jordan: My mother is actually Viennese, but I was born in Berlin and grew up there. But with Austrian citizenship! Last December I spontaneously decided to move to Vienna. I love this city! Home is a broad term for me because I’m hardly ever at home. Being an actress means traveling a lot to foreign cities and countries. For me, home is a place where there are people who inspire me and make me happy!

DISCOVER GERMANY: Why did you decide to move away from Berlin?

Luna Jordan: My roots are in Berlin and the city is very close to my heart. However, since the Corona crisis, Berlin has become even more tense and sad. The city is sometimes so incredibly loaded with aggression. Half a year ago, my best friend was beaten up by five guys for no reason and was pushed onto the subway tracks. After 20 years in the city, I needed to get some distance from Berlin and Vienna was just right! I just love strolling through the city. Every corner is beautiful and if you walk through the narrow streets in the evening, you feel like you are in an old film set. Apart from that, I love the Austrian film culture.

DISCOVER GERMANY: You have already worked in a number of productions. Which shoot do you particularly like to remember?

Luna Jordan: I was shooting with Italian nuns, was set on fire, drowned, lived in solitary confinement and caves, got into plenty of fights and ran from some helicopters… I have to say I have a knack for adventurous productions! In all this madness, the series Wild Republic stuck with me. For one year we shot almost every day at over 2,500 metres in the mountains of South Tyrol, in all wind and weather conditions. The agenda included plenty of stunts and what felt like the most remote motifs on this planet. The entire cast got two tattoos during that time. That was by far the craziest time of my life.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Let’s talk about Fuchs im Bau. What is so special about this movie?

Luna Jordan: Fuchs im Bau is my absolute heart project. The Austrian cinema film by Arman T. Riahi takes place in a Viennese juvenile prison, the Josefstadt. The film is based on true stories about the everyday life of young people, guards and teachers in prison. Riahi has particularly succeeded, no matter how small the character in the film, in telling all the roles so truthfully, closely and touchingly. I play the withdrawn and auto-aggressive Samira Spahic, a young mute girl who is newly imprisoned for fatally injuring her father. I was just awarded the Austrian Film Prize for my role in Fuchs im Bau, and also nominated for the Max Ophüls Prize for ‘Best Young Actress’ and the Kurier Romy for ‘Most Popular Actress’. Other actors in the film include Maria Hofstätter, Sibel Kekilli, Andreas Lust, Aleksandar Petrovic and many other great colleagues.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What tips and tricks do you have for young aspiring actors that are just starting off in the industry?

Luna Jordan: Dare! Dare to be different, don’t compare yourself to others – because you are unique. I think that’s the secret of acting. We are a mystery and we keep showing a small part of ourselves in extreme situations. It’s about captivating viewers with your unrelenting courage in the game. So don’t be afraid to be special.

DISCOVER GERMANY: Do you have a dream role?

Luna Jordan: I absolutely want to play in a children’s movie production. Playing a witch or a devil would be my absolute dream… or Rio Reiser. I am currently shooting with the directors Franziska Buch (Emil und die Detektive) and Ute Wieland (Freche Mädchen), who shaped my childhood with their films. It is a great pleasure to work with both of them.

DISCOVER GERMANY: What dreams and wishes do you have for the future?

Luna Jordan: I have big plans! I’m currently founding a production company with three other great colleagues… but I can’t say much more than that yet! Last year I wrote a screenplay for my debut feature film, which we will shoot in 2023. I definitely want to put my feelers out in the direction of writing and producing. There is still so much to discover!

DISCOVER GERMANY: Are there any other plans for 2022? What do you have in store?

Luna Jordan: 2022 is by far my most eventful year for me. I have eight film and streaming productions coming up, including an international project. I’m currently sitting at the airport on my way to the next set. I was just at the Austrian Film Awards, where we were nominated in ten categories with Fuchs im Bau. I was allowed to take home the award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’.

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