Born in 1988, Lisa Tomaschewsky has already worked both as a model and an actress and has found success on a national and international level in both fields. Most recently, the German television series Deutschland 83, featuring Tomaschewsky in one of the leading roles, won the International Emmy Award. In Discover Germany she speaks about her various projects.

Initially your career began in fashion. Where did your interest in the world of fashion come from?

L. Tomaschewsky: The interest in fashion grew over time. I was young and wanted to try different things, discover how fashion changes you and how people react to it. Through many international jobs I got to know different fashion styles and cultures. Especially as a teenager you often follow current trends; today I think differently and try to translate my own thoughts within fashion.

How did you make the decision to act? What is especially fascinating about the acting profession?

L. Tomaschewsky: My curiosity for discovering new things was always big and an important part of my life. Time and again it’s this curiosity that motivates me to venture on new roles, even if I may not have the initial courage to do so. Before my first movie shoot, I took acting classes to develop a feeling for the significance of character work, both emotionally and physically. I made the decision for acting with the movie The Girl with Nine Wigs, one of my major roles. It was completely clear to me that, when I shaved my head, I could try and find a footing in this profession and in that moment; I was able to completely lose my previous existence as a model.

Moments happen in front of the camera, which you can’t describe with words, but they make me incredibly happy, no matter if you feel sadness or pure joy in these moments. That’s the beauty of acting, a journey with yourself through other characters, environments and experiences.

Deutschland 83 just won the International Emmy award. How would you describe the project and your character?

L. Tomaschewsky: I’m incredibly happy, that our team, after many accolades has now also won the International Emmy for Best Series. When I first heard of the project, I was surprised how immediately the characters were treated and the difficult time was described. For this reason in particular, I was attracted to the role of Yvonne Edel, because she managed to find a lightness in very harsh times with which the world became more bearable for her. Her very open and outgoing personality helped me to approach the challenge of playing the role.

In which way does your work at the recent campaign for Loewe differ from your work in movies?

L. Tomaschewsky: Usually it’s a difference, whether you are in front of a photo or film camera. In this case however, Jonas Nay and I were telling a story, like we would in a movie. Also, the script for the spot was very well written, so I felt to be on a movie set. Furthermore, I was thinking about each photo, telling the emotional connection to Jonas or the distance. Like this, we were able to play with it and try various things with regard to the topic.

At 28 you’ve already accomplished a lot. What can you tell us about forthcoming projects?

L. Tomaschewsky: Currently I’m working on a movie with Matthias Schweighoefer and Til Schweiger. It’s always great to feel how much fun you can have as a team on set and how comforting the atmosphere is, when you work with a great team. Sadly, I can’t tell you much more about the new film. (Laughs). At the moment, I’m also on camera for various fashion productions. I love to slip into new roles, whether in pictures or films and in that way, I can always try something new.


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