Berlin-based tech company Liquisto provides circular-economy solutions for industrial manufacturers, with a special focus on preventing the waste of material resources. Born out of the desire to solve sizeable problems with solutions that create both value for the economy and for our planet, Liquisto leads the way to a more sustainable future.

“We are purpose-driven entrepreneurs who made it our mission to tackle sustainability challenges in traditional industries – with the goal of making them more resilient and circular for the future,” explains managing director Aernout Verhallen. “We are currently addressing the billions of euros worth of inventory that go to waste each year as scrapped excess in the global industrial manufacturing sector, by offering solutions that focus on prevention and re-use.”

Liquisto’s comprehensive excess and shortage inventory management platform uses proprietary algorithms to provide deep inventory analyses, highlighting excess stock that can be marketed and monetised with zero shortage risk to daily operations. Verhallen adds: “It also highlights products that are most at risk for shortage.”

The platform includes a digital collaboration environment which enables the inventory management teams at manufacturers to make faster and more informed decisions. If they choose to, they can market and monetize the excess inventory through Liquisto‘s curated ecommerce community, matching products with buyers worldwide.

Verhallen sums it up: “We essentially breathe new life into these products, which would otherwise be scrapped, and provide purchasers with affordable access to high-quality industrial items.”

Liquisto Founders Aernout Verhallen and Humphrey Yeboah. Photo: BPW Berlin-Brandenburg

Environmental Impact Hierarchy. Photo: Liquisto Technologies.


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