Limehome is the digital world’s answer to the hotel industry of the 21st century. Its suites are located in prime locations across Germany and Austria and merge the top quality of the most respected hotels with all the advantages of an apartment. More space, a straight-forward digital access system and great designs make Limehome an easy choice. Welcome to your home away from home.

The two co-founders, Lars Stäbe and Dr Josef Vollmayr, were both consultants at McKinsey before they kick-started Limehome almost two years ago. Due to the nature of their work, they both had to spend a large amount of time in the same, anonymous hotels and they were extremely surprised at just how little was happening in regard to digitising the hotel industry.

Dr Josef Vollmayr recalls: “Even in top hotels, we often had to wait for the check-in in the evenings and then received a key card, which regularly failed once it got too close to a mobile phone. In the mornings, we had to choose between an over-priced breakfast and the queue to pay the bill if we wanted to be at work on time.”

Limehome was born

After years of experiencing the same issues, the duo came up with their own innovative concept, and thus, Limehome was born. The main idea behind it is to offer guests a completely digitised journey with large, stylish suites featuring Scandinavian design, which would be extremely expensive in common three- to four-star hotels. Having a fully equipped apartment also means guests can stay long-term, as they have everything from kitchen facilities to washing machines at their disposal.

Now, almost two years later, it’s clear that Vollmayr and Stäbe are on the right track. In less than a year, the Limehome team has grown from just 10 employees to more than 70. An impressive expansion, to say the least. The team includes a large variety of different professions, which ensures that all aspects, including architecture, design, logistics, hospitality operations, developing, BI and IT are covered. The result is a seamless experience throughout.

Limehome: So very suite! | Discover Germany Magazine

A straight-forward process

It’s easy to book your perfect Limehome via its own website, but you will also find the company’s properties on all the major booking sites, such as or Expedia. After the booking has gone through, the guest receives a booking confirmation detailing all important information. But above all, it also gives the option to check-in straight away, just like checking in online before a flight. That way, there is no annoying waiting around at the location. The guests get the time-controlled access code and can therefore enter their suite independently.

“If there are any questions or special requirements, our team is available 24/7. When you leave your suite, the bill is paid automatically, so our guests have more time for what’s important,” Vollmayr adds.

It should come as no surprise that Limehome already enjoys great success. It’s a popular choice among business travellers and tourists alike. During the week, it’s particularly the business travellers who enjoy the apartments in central city locations, from Berlin to Vienna across Germany and Austria. During the weekends, tourists benefit from the fully equipped apartments, which give the feeling of being in a modern, comfortable home. Wherever you go, there is the perfect Limehome available.

Limehome: So very suite! | Discover Germany Magazine

The right choice for the modern traveller

It’s not only the fantastic rates that are unbeatable compared to any similar hotel option, but Limehome also convinces via the smooth transactions that are experienced. In using the most recent technologies and placing great importance on usability, the team creates a digital experience that satisfies the frequent travellers of today. Due to the fact that Limehome has been designed around the desire to help digitise the hotel industry, it has the clear advantage of having built said experience from scratch, instead of having to change old infrastructure to meet modern standards. It blends seamlessly with 21st-century traveling.

The feedback Limehome receives on a regular basis also stands testimony for its overall success. The occupancy rate is over 80 per cent and over 50 per cent of the guests are ‘extremely satisfied’ with their Limehome. This is also reflected in the rating, which comes in at a whopping 9.0 across all 34 Limehome locations.

Stäbe and Vollmayr are confident that many new locations will follow very soon, and the demand for it is certainly there.

“In five years, we will be the hotel with the most locations in Europe,” Vollmayr adds with a little wink, and Stäbe adds enthusiastically: “Exactly! And we also offer a digital hotel experience that can be measured against four-star hotels and is unforgettable… ‘So suite’!”

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