More than 70 years ago, Dr. Charles Liatowitsch founded LIATOWITSCH & PARTNER in Basel. The law firm is known for both its expertise and many years of experience, focusing especially on the areas of family law and estate planning. Besides offering standard legal advice, LIATOWITSCH & PARTNER also offers full assistance in the fields of notarial services and mediation. LIATOWITSCH & PARTNER counts as one of Switzerland’s top law firms and was rated as such in 2017 by the Swiss business magazines Bilanz and Le Temps. LIATOWITSCH & PARTNER provides customised counselling and representation that is solution- oriented and efficient in both. As certified specialists in family law by the SAB (Swiss Bar Association) in family law, Gabrielle Bodenschatz and Dr. Claudia M. Mordasini are familiar with the most complex issues in the field of family law.

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