Leather studio dos santos has been based in Berlin for 24 years. Owner Petra dos Santos combines her tailoring production workshop and the showroom, where a phenomenal variety of high-quality handmade leatherwear and items awaits.

Customers visiting the workshop studio for the first time are often surprised when they see the sewing machines, worktables and the wall draped with leathers of all colours. dos santos follows traditional craft procedures, including pattern making, hand selecting materials and fitting her designs to individual customers. “Recently, I specialised in stretch leather, as it allows for tight-fitting designs that were difficult to achieve with leather. Stretch leather allows you to breathe and bend over even in the tightest dress,” she explains smiling.

Each piece is ‘Made in Berlin’, designed and produced by Petra dos Santos and her team. The leather is exclusively from Germany and Europe, quality certified by German regulators. For dos santos, it’s important that it doesn’t just look beautiful, but that it’s also toxin-free and ethically sourced.

Her customers are fashion-conscious people of all genders who share a passion for specialty leather outfits with individual style and preferences. They value the top quality, the craftsmanship, the safety and pleasure dos santos guarantees for their own special passions.

Leather studio dos Santos: A PASSION FOR LEATHER

Choosing leather is not a purely functional process. The material’s unique properties and texture raise questions about desire, sensuality and passion. Leather keeps its special scent. It feels supple and strong. It embraces the body and gives it shape and firmness at the same time. Worn over years, leather grows with its owner, almost becomes like a second skin.

Aside from the dos santos’ collection for women, men and non-binary people that can be worn in daily life, there is also a vast variety of playful accessories, restraints, masks, collars and many more items for every individual adult playground. Petra dos Santos’ specialty are customised leather goods that will last a lifetime.

Visit the studio (by appointment only) or find your next favourite piece in the online store.

Leather studio dos Santos: A PASSION FOR LEATHER

Web: www.petradossantos.de

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