While most youngsters attend university straight after graduating from high school, an alternative dream career path opened up for the Swiss hunk Laurin Krausz. Just 20 years old, he is already a hotly dialled number in the little black book of model booking agents worldwide.

Two and a half years ago while Krausz was still a schoolboy, earning some extra cash working in a clothes shop in Landquart, Switzerland, he was approached by a woman. Instantly struck by his looks, she told him that he should apply to a modelling agency. Krausz remembers: “I didn’t really think anything of it until I followed her recommendation.” After taking the plunge based on her advice, he was soon faced with the choice between the biggest Swiss agencies and he decided to team up with Visage. In February 2012, just a few weeks after entering the tough world of fashion – and right in the middle of preparations for his final school exams, no one other than that the world- famous Calvin Klein booked Krausz for the Milan Fashion Week catwalk. “When I realised Calvin Klein wanted me in its fashion show in Milan, I couldn’t believe it at first,” Krausz admits with a broad smile. That was just the beginning of his successful career as a male model.

Two years ago, Krausz let me in on a secret of his as we chatted; he dreamed of moving to New York City to work as a model there, yet he never suspected that this wish would come true so soon afer. In June 2012 he graduated from high school with flying colours despite his heavy schedule. After a busy summer of photo shoots and fashion shows, the established DNA Model Management agency in New York City took notice of the young Swiss talent and signed him up in November. He moved to Manhattan and started working hard while enjoying his life at the same time. “Initially it wasn’t that easy to find close friends in that stressful business, sometimes you even feel alone. But at the same time you meet so many nice people from all over the world and that’s what makes every day exciting and interesting,” the dandy explains. Meanwhile, Krausz’s career reached new heights in the metropolis. “I’m going to miss the pulsating city, my daily life and my friends a lot once I move back to Switzerland, that’s for sure,” he sighs. He loves New York despite his busy schedule. A typical New York day for the Swiss model includes lots of sport, healthy food, castings, socialising and gaming. But he stresses that this lifestyle is not forever: “I’m enjoying my freedom, but I couldn’t continue with that lifestyle to my dying day.”

It is impossible for the eloquent Swiss to name every single job he has pulled off so far, but certain ones hold a special place in his memory. One of the most prestigious campaigns for which the young star was the face was the Great Gatsby Collection by the Brooks Brothers (USA). “The shooting took place in a castle outside New York City and I was wearing the same suits that Leonardo DiCaprio had worn in the The Great Gatsby Hollywood blockbuster. I absolutely loved those suits and the film as well,” he reveals. Asked if he was allowed to keep a lovely specimen for himself, the 20-year-old sighs. A definite no, I assume.

History is already repeating itself for the Swiss heartthrob as he has just returned from another very successful Milan Fashion Week. “This time around I even got booked by Dolce & Gabbana. That was just great!” he says. The list of labels for whom he has strutted down the catwalk is an impressive read and features pretty much all of the big names including Emporio Armani, Etro, Philipp Plein, Guess, and Dsquared2. Certainly showing a lot of promise as a model, you might be wondering about his secret recipe to stand out from the crowd. I’m curious as to whether it is perhaps down to his ‘Swissness’. Krausz hesitates before opting for a diplomatic answer: “It’s a tricky question. I neither want to appear arrogant nor conceited. Maybe it’s the way in which I behave. I try to stay relaxed but concentrated and motivated at the same time. If it has something to do with Swissness or not, that’s even harder to say. Us Swiss are well known for our seriousness and accuracy, right? So it seems like your thought is perhaps not that far-fetched.” At this point I have to admit that, given Krausz’s above-average charisma and appearance, these could well account for his success (to stay as diplomatic as he is).

Regarding his plans for the future, he doesn’t plan on relying on his looks. Come September he’ll embark on an economics degree at University of Zurich. Temporarily his model career will fade into the background and higher education will become his first priority. “After a long break it is time to use my brain again,” he says, laughing out loud. “It was always planned and just took some more time up to the implementation than initially expected.” But the 20-year-old is not going to put his passion completely on ice. “I have no idea how much of my time will be soaked up by studying, but I hope there’s going to be enough space for some modelling jobs as well,” he explains. A return to his native country is on the horizon and he’s looking forward to that. “I miss my family and my friends in Switzerland all the time and it feels good to know that soon I’ll be able to be with them as much as I want. Switzerland is always going to be the place where I feel at home.” England has David Gandy, the Swedes have Markus Schenkenberg and now the Swiss have Laurin Krausz. We are certainly prepared for more Swiss eye-candy in the world of men’s fashion.

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