What started as the idea of two childhood friends in the Landskronweg in Leimental near Basel, turned into an insider’s gem of the local craft beer scene – thanks to innovation and creativity. Dominik Neff and Raphael Stöckli founded Landskroner Bräu in 2013. Only two years later they celebrated their first major order at the Art Basel. Aside from classic beers, they always had a passion for crafting personalised beers, such as the ‘Drummeli-Beer’ for Basel’s legendary pre-carnival event. “The fine pale beer Landkroner Blond is our classic and stands out amongst leading beer brands. Four different malts, includ- ing caramel-malt, intensify the aroma,” explains Stöckli. “The complex Landskroner Brunette boasts a full-bodied flavour and pleasant malt aroma. The subtle roasted-malt taste completes the experience.”

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