The German town of Krefeld is still seen as the flourishing city of velvet and silk. Aside from an exciting history and wonderous architecture, Krefeld today offers a diverse range of attractions for guests from all over the world.

Krefeld started playing a major part in the international silk trade in the 17th century. It brought fame and fortune to the formerly unknown town between Rhine and nature reserve Hülser Bruch. Today Krefeld still benefits from its romantic past as some remarkable buildings related to the era of silk manufacturing have survived the test of time and are open to visitors.

The two 1920’s mansions, built for silk magnates Lange and Esters by avant-garde architect Mies van der Rohe, are certainly worth a visit together with the German Textile Museum and the Haus der Seidenkultur, which offers an insight into silk culture for all ages.

Symphony orchestra at the ‘Kultur findet Stadt(t)’ festival. © Stadtmarketing Krefeld

PR spokesperson Ulrich Cloos points out that there is much more to explore in Krefeld: “From mountain bike trails, bridle paths, historical parks, a wonderful zoo, to one of Germany’s oldest golf courses, Krefeld has a lot to offer.” Many lakes and wooded areas give Krefeld a diverse cityscape, where guests can enjoy the traditional, heartfelt coffeehouse and beer garden culture.

The flax market in spring is a very popular tourist attraction. Guests can book special offers such as the culinary or the night watch tour amongst many others. Krefeld’s historical steam train called Schluff invites visitors on a lovely trip from the small town St. Tönis to the scenic Hülser hill.

Wood Art Gallery, Creation of a Wasp by Anat Ronen. © FreddArt Streetpainting

This summer the refurbished Kaiser Wilhelm Museum will open its doors again. Not only is it home to an astonishing collection, but also worth visiting for its architecture. Cloos also recommends visiting the Wood Art Gallery in the nature reserve Hülser Bruch: “As part of the project Krefeld’s Change of Perception, 20 street artists from nine countries created an art gallery in the forest.”

In June more culture can be enjoyed during the big festival Kultur findet Stadt(t), when Krefeld becomes a vibrant platform for poetry slams, art and literature markets, various performances and concerts by the Niederrheinischen Symphonics or the Jazz-Swing College band of the music school.

With its historical background and its contemporary diversity, Krefeld is a wonderful destination to explore German culture and landscape.


City forest. Photo © Stadtmarketing Krefeld

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