Key rings can be quite boring to look at and easily get lost in a handbag. So why not add some colour or shape, some unique design? In 2000, the Swiss Company KeeeART has fabricated the first silver designer key cap, called keeetop. Pushed over a key, it turns a bunch of keys into an individual piece of jewellery. “Especially for key caps, symbols are very popular because they communicate something: A guardian angel, a cloverleaf, a heart or an infinite knot – all have a meaning,” says founder and creator Julia Schwöbel. “We are carrying our key rings with us all day and when adding a symbolic keeetop and a charm, a bunch of keys becomes a talisman.” When starting out, Schwöbel created various prototypes until she was happy with the result: a keeetop that actually fits on almost every key with a round top.



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