The ‘K’in K-Tape® stands for Birgit Kumbrink. The physiotherapist developed the first K-Taping® applications in 1998 after reading an article which asked what could be achieved in therapy if one would exert proprioceptive stimulations with the help of an elastic tape. Thus, she started to exchange ideas internationally with other therapists while sharing the existing knowledge about this topic with them. Ingo Kumbrink, engineer and husband of Birgit Kumbrink explains: “Until 1998, only a few muscle tapes were developed and overall interest in further research was quite low. My wife was a bit more curious. Her idea was to give patients the possibility to extend the therapy from the doctor’s practice into one’s home with the tape. We collected patient data until 2000, did years of research and testing, found the perfect material, created a suitable glue and then developed the K-Tape® which could be established in daily therapy.”

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