In order to reach people, companies need to communicate their brands effectively, i.e. in a way that reaches a client deep within. Digital branding is one way to execute this.

Digital first!

In 2018 and 2019, jäger&jäger, the European design agency of 2013 from Überlingen at Lake Constance, did particularly well in the digital sectors. Amongst many other prizes, the agency won the German Digital Award in gold for the web-shop of C. Matthey, as well as the Annual Multimedia Award in gold for architectural photographer Brigida Gonzalez’ web site – an award which jäger&jäger had already won the previous year, for the Frankfurter Ensemble Modern’s new website. The web-shop of GERA Leuchten, the Thuringian specialist for light furniture, won jäger&jäger the Joseph Binder Award in gold for exceptional graphic design and illustration. Reinhard Thomas, specialist for digital media, sees jäger&jäger in an accordingly strong position: “Our digital activities develop analogously to the current market situation, and at a fast pace, too.” The agency are currently revising various brand presences, such as the new digital branding for two tourist destinations, Engadin and St. Moritz.

Digital first?

So, there are now only digital projects going on at Lake Constance? “No,” assures co-owner Regina Jäger. “Even though digital transformation is at the top of the list of change processes and digital projects and digital commerce are constantly increasing, high-quality, haptic print products, especially magazines, are still in high demand and complement every multi-channel concept – no matter the digitality of its setup. The interaction of the various channels will continue to play a key role in brand management in the future.”

Passion first!

jäger&jäger’s work mainly follows their quality maxim ‘creativity beats budget’. They develop brands with substance that can offer something to discover on all levels, inspiring points of contact people can connect with. Particularly in content marketing, quality takes precedence over quantity. Genuine enthusiasm is the ultimate objective: “…as only things that inspire and touch me deep within, i.e. something that offers real added value, is something I really follow,” stresses Jäger. “At jäger&jäger, we are real believers with a pronounced passion for our clients’ comprehensive brand landscapes. We just love to inspire people.”  True to the agency’s motto of ‘The best is yet to come’, more than 350 international awards are sufficient proof of this!

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